Zira Haddaway


Dutiful. This character has a strong sense of duty, or loyalty. Whether that duty is given by a friend, family member, employer, or the Gods, this character will uphold their duty as if their life depended upon it.

Marksman. This character is a master marksman. Whether using a bow, a gun, or throwing something, they rarely - if ever - miss.


Over-Protective. This character has something, or someone, that they care about deeply. So deeply, in fact, that if anything were to happen to it, or them, this character could find themselves broken.

Tactless. This character is prone to saying offensive, or inappropriate things at the worst of times. This may come from a lack of socialization, or from a desire to offend, but whatever the cause - the words can sting the same.


Since her youth, Zira has always followed orders. Whether it was her parent’s commanding her to perform in certain ways, or her captain when she joined the military at sixteen. She was the ideal follower, as she would rarely - if ever - give thought to question her commands.

Until the box, that is.

Zira was among a battalion of Avian sent from Vieri to Dirys for the purpose of finding a weapon believed to have been created by Felana, Goddess of Flight, herself. The best of the best were sent, as the trek up the mountain was unforgiving, and long. Several died on the trip - but not as many would die at the mountain’s peak. Zira’s commanding officer found the unimpressive wooden box before any of the others, and made the greedy mistake of opening it to see the weapon with his own eyes. A great wind began, and tore the flesh from his bones, melted the eyes from his head - and did the same to so many others in range. Only Zira, and two other men, survived - thanks only to their distance from the box.

Then the arguments began. Zira was horrified at what had happened, and believed it to be her duty to ensure it did not get in the hands of her captain, lest he die as well. The other men believed that the captain wanted a weapon, and this was certainly a weapon worth a thousand others - they would bring it to the captain, with or without Zira’s help. Seeing herself outnumbered, Zira would oblige and follow with the men.

After only a day of travel, one of the men would show his true colours. He wished to use the box for himself, believing it would give him the power to become a King. He attempted to kill Zira and the other man - but Zira would protect herself. She brought the box back to the peak, and washed the blood from her hands in the snow.

She lived on that peak for several years, watching over the box and stopping anyone who dare touch it. Until the day that Adelaida arrived, of course. Adelaida overpowered Zira, and Zira feared it would all be over -- but Adelaida was willing to hear reason, and the two began a journey to hide the box away forever.

The quest took them to Adelaida’s grandmother, a conjurer whose hubris had deformed her into a horrible, fetid monster. This creature still had heart, however, and managed to give Zira a duty to replace that of protecting the box: Protect Adelaida.

It was an easy enough duty to convince her of, as Zira had already developed strong feelings towards Adelaida, ones that made her protective of the younger woman. And so, from that day, Zira would dedicate her life to protecting Adelaida - and with the current war, and Adelaida’s involvement in it, this is no easy task.


Full Name. Zira B. Haddaway

Race. Beastfolk Avian (Falcon)

Sex. Female

Age. Thirty-Two

Occupation. Second-in-Command Liesdron Army