Walherich Khul


Full Name. Walherich T. Khul

Race. Human

Sex. Male

Age. Fifty-One

Occupation. Liesdron Minister of
National Defense and Foreign Affairs


Machiavellian. This character is cunning, and is unafraid of using inappropriate, or evil tactics to advance their own goals.

Volatile. This character has a tendency to react with anger at situations that don't go their way -- and may even act out violently.


While his brother Proteus was always interested in politics, Walherich was only interested in what he saw as the “one valiant thing a man can do in his life” -- which was fight for his country. If a man could love his wife with half the love Walherich felt for Liesdro - she would be treated as a Queen in every way. Walherich believes that Liesdro is the best country in the world, and that they are enlightened compared to most others in the world - particularly places like Muerte.

The moment he graduated school he signed up the Liesdron Military, believing that he would be able to fight to spread enlightenment throughout the world -- but he was disappointed. The military was more of a police force, it was pathetic. He pressed his generals for more action, but they told him that they had to follow orders, just as he did.

When he complained about the situation to his brother, Proteus told him that if he wanted change, he ought to make it happen. How could one do that, Walherich wondered, and Proteus knew: Go to the minister.

Unfortunately for Walherich, the minister was the exact problem. He had no interest in war, seeing Liesdro as “above” pressing their values onto others. Instead, he told Walherich, trade and economic advancement were the items of importance when it came to foreign affairs. Any man who could not see the effectiveness of making contracts and deals was not a man who could call himself “Enlightened”.

Walherich was furious. He was insulted. He knew that a Minister held their position until they retired or died, after which point the council would interview qualified candidates. Walherich would ensure he was qualified by the time he killed the minister.

And he was. He was beyond qualified, he had worked hard in his studies, and in front of a council that contained his brother Proteus, he was a shoe-in for the position. It was the right time for his war-centered attitude, too. Not only was Muerte at it’s weakest with Elias Harel overturning the government, but a new country had been discovered and was available for them to “enlighten”. He immediately set about putting forces into Muerte, and then he began developing a set of troops who could take Atton for Liesdro. When Adelaida interrupted him in this, he saw the fire in her -- and knew that she would be the one to lead his cause.


Ambitious. This character has impressive goals and things they wish to achieve in life, and will work hard to ensure those goals are achieved no matter what.

Determined. This character is not the kind to give up. No matter what roadblocks are in their way, they will continue to push until they find success.