Wekesa Blackspot


Rebellious. This character has views that conflict with those of the society around them, which may lead them to chafe with their peers. Their views may not be bad or evil, but their vocal expression of these views causes rifts with family and friends, or puts them in dangerous situations.

Artificial. This character often puts on an act, and pretends to mean, do, or think things that are not true to their actual intents.


This character has no inactive or completed storylines - yet.


The Eurydians are a politically radical people who have organized to fight against the rule of Elias Harel. Due to the iron rule of Harel, Eurydians have no safe place for dissent, and as such are difficult to find and even more difficult to join. Perhaps the glassblowing artisan from Arazus is a member. Or the farm woman who keeps to herself. If they are, their lives are in jeopardy if they reveal even in a clue… And if they aren’t, their lives remain in jeopardy if they make any mis-steps that may allude to any alignment with Eurydians…

The leader of these Eurydians is not publically known, but to those in the inner fold, they know Wekesa Blackspot when they see her. Being a beastfolk is no easy task under Harel’s rule, but Wekesa does well in pretending to follow the orders of Harel, being just disobedient enough to not seem suspicious. Those who don’t know her true identity would be sure to spit on her for accepting Harel without more of a fight. Those who do know her identity, look at her as an idol not only for her strength as a leader, but for her cleverness as a spy.


Full Name. Wekesa Blackspot

Race. Panthro Beastfolk

Sex. Female

Age. Twenty-Seven

Occupation. Maid; Leader of the Eurydians


Natural Leader. This character has something about them that just says "leader". It is easy to become convinced one should follow this character, and orders given by this character hold a certain gravitas.

Inventive. This character has a mind open to the many possibilities of the world. This could be technologically, magically, or politically. They are always looking for solutions, and are often not afraid to try new ideas.