Vega Tibble


Full Name. Vega Z. Tibble

Race. Rock Gnome

Sex. Female

Age. Fifty

Occupation. Liesdron Minister of Science & Innovation


Unpredictable. This character does many things that could be defined as unexpected, and doesn't seem to often stay true to even their own defined characteristics.

Short-Sighted. This character does not greatly understand the potential consequences of their actions, or at least prefers to focus on the perceived benefits of them instead.


Before Vega’s lifetime, the department of Science and Innovation didn’t even exist.

Tibble was always an impressive scholar - a genius mind with an aptitude for the sciences, and an interest in efficiency. She spent her young adult years travelling across Liesdro, through Dirys, and even spent a few years in Artavia seeing all of the amazing advancements that had been made. All of it made her mind race, and her hands move even faster as she came up with new inventions - inventions that even the engineers in Artavia had yet to think of.

While in Artavia, she met Miles Echton, a Liesdron ex-pat who had been working under top engineers in Artavia on airships faster than those that ran on magic - they were called ‘aeroplanes’. They were still in their early years, but Vega was amazed. She got to talking with Miles and eventually developed an idea for something else, something that would suit the ideals of Liesdro and Dirys more directly: trains.

The two worked on the concept for years and then returned to Liesdro, where Vega went to the ministers and lead a presentation about the technologies Liesdro was so far behind on. There was so much they could do, because they were a land of enlightenment, a land of scholars - but they weren’t exploring it. Her intent was to get funding for her project - the result was the development of the Department of Science and Innovation, which Vega was made the head of.

From there, she pushed for the train system, she pushed to remove transportation from the Arcane Policy sector, and she pushed for Miles Echton to head a Department of Transportation, which would develop a rail system for all citizens of Liesdro. Together, Vega and Miles have done much for Liesdro, making it the third largest industrial hub in the world - and quickly gaining on Dirys to be the second largest.


Inventive. This character has a mind open to the many possibilities of the world. This could be technologically, magically, or politically. They are always looking for solutions, and are often not afraid to try new ideas.

Inspiring. This character has a knack for motivating those around them, and pushing them into action.


This character has no active or completed storylines - yet.