Vieri, the Four Winds of Wisdom

Vieri is one of the three countries that is a part of the Celestian Accord, which binds the three together as one continent. Vieri, however, is the oldest of these countries. It floats below the cover of clouds, moving ever-so-slightly in the winds, but always hangs above the oceans, many miles above. Vieri itself is made purely of land that is said to have come from an ancient Fortuna land mass, and this is shown clearly by the dirt, clay, and roots that dangle from its bottom. Over time, the country has drifted apart from itself, breaking it into five clear masses of land, connected by miles of thick rope and sturdy bridges.

In legend, the birth of Vieri is one of the most notable accomplishments of the great deity Veira. Disappointed with the mortals of Fortuna, and how they would set out to harm one another for personal gain, she wished to create a land free of selfishness. To do this, she bartered for a piece of land in the middle of the ocean from Fayana, and the mortals who lived there. Separating it from the outside world, the lands quickly fell into horrid problems that clearly displayed Veira’s disdain. She used this as an opportunity to see who was truly good at heart, and sent out four winds. Each wind called to the people of Fortuna to solve one of the problems, to come and be a hero for the benefit of all people.

The first wind spoke of beastfolk being treated as animals, and not man. It told of how they were enslaved, beaten for punishment and for mere joy. It was a call to those who saw all as equal, no matter their race. This was the East wind, which took the form of a new Goddess - Felana.

The next wind whistled about the women, who were being treated merely as wombs to be impregnated, and caretakers of children. It called for those who saw women as strong and self-sufficient, as more than an object for men’s procreation. This was the West wind, which took the form of the new Goddess Morrina.

The third wind blew through calling for action against those who would oppress their workers. It called for any who were tired of being subjugated, or seeing others subjugated, for they were not born into wealth. It urged the strong of will and body to come and fight for equality of all. This was the North wind, which became the God Archivan.

Finally, the last wind was Veira herself. She was weaker than before, having given a piece of herself to each of the other winds. Still, she cried through the streets of every city and town to the south, begging to be heard. She spoke of people being persecuted for their beliefs or non-beliefs, and how certain deities were being seen as worth more than others, and any who worshipped outside of what was allowed, was arrested, tortured - or killed.This was the southern wind, and Veira’s voice was heard at all corners.

People came from across the world to save the island nation from the horrors it has endured. Wars were fought for many years, and many lives over generations were lost and won. Finally, the land was pure. It was full of those with good heart, who believed that all were to be free as the wind, and not only free - but treated as equal. Veira and the three members of her pantheon - Felana, Morrina, and Archivan - reached down underneath the nation and pulled it free from its worldly bonds. They raised it from the sea, and charmed it to forever float above the rest of the world.

Each tribe of people called by the winds formed their own nations, but all agreed to live together in peace and equality, leading to the creation of a small city at the centre of Vieri, where the leaders of each nation could meet to ensure that they were upholding the values of the winds with fairness for all.

Thanks to their proud birth, their military is a united force of Peacekeepers. They hold varying treaties with other lands, but their key alliance is with the Peacekeeping forces of Niseca. With the Attonian War, Vieri has taken an active role in defending the Attonian people and pushing out the foreign forces.

A notable custom in Vieri is for leaders and others in power to grow their hair whilst in times of peace. In war, the hair is cut off. As such, hair has become a powerful symbol within the Vier culture. A person of high station with long hair is held in great esteem for their defense of peace. In that same vein, the traditional declaration of war is for the ruler to send their cut-off hair to their enemy, the statement carrying a greater weight the longer the hair.

A person from Vieri is Vier.


There are currently no active, or completed storylines set in Vieri.


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Windom is the capital of all Vieri, though it is not lead by any leader, or governed by any one nation’s laws. Instead, Windom is home to all Vier nations, and controls the neutral laws that affect all upon the floating kingdom. At its very centre - and at the centre of the country - is a massive mountain, whose peak passes through the clouds above and even farther beyond. The base of the mountain has been carved into a government house, which acts as the meeting place for the leaders of all Vieri. Once per month, the delegate from Archopolis, Erik the Sharp-Eyed, Elder Westwind, and Acharya Gadreel meet within the stone of this place to discuss the country on a national, and international scale.

Also in Windom, farther up the mountain, is the temple of Veira and her pantheon. The temple is impressive, built in a spiral up the side of the mountain, and welcomes all those who wish to hear Veira’s words of wisdom, or make an offering to her for guidance.

The city of Windom is cared for by monks from Veveiria, who are responsible for ensuring that the land is both safe, clean, and livable for any who come for shelter.


Archopolis is named for the god of community, and is considered to be an ideal standard for the cities of the future. Its infrastructure is impressive, with flying boats and boards having special roads to traverse through the city, and a railed carriage running throughout the city, and it offers more social services that some continents with all of their countries combined. The people who live in Archopolis are considered one - despite any physical or mental differences they may show. In Archivan, and the villages within its reign, everyone is expected to do the work they are capable of, in order to contribute to the subnation’s success. This has worked for many years, and the happiness of its people is measurable in its positivity.

Unlike the other subnations of Vieri, Archopolis is not lead by a single person. Instead, it is represented by a council of individuals representing different groups of people in the community. Extensive census research is done each year to determine the exact demographics of the nation, which is then reflected to the exact percentile on the council. The council is permitted to delegate certain members to varying tasks, such as attending the monthly meetings held in the country’s capital city, or dealing with a problem in the city’s water treatment, or otherwise. This collection of great minds is seen as ideal by most citizens in Archopolis, and amazing - yet impossible - to many other nations throughout the world.

Other notable villages in Archopolis are Archigrigan, and Stoneshire.

Archigrigan is the largest farming community in Vieri, and is less of a city or village that a collection of thousands of farm plots. From plants to animals, this community is integral to life in Vieri continuing to be fulfilled and sustainable.

Stoneshire on the other hand, is integral for other reasons. Sitting below the clouds, below the atmosphere, and yet so high above the land, Vieri is at great risk of rough weather. Massive balls of hail, torrential rain, freezing blizzards, lightning storms - the country has seen it all. In the past, it was believed to be a punishment for thinking themselves to be wiser than other mortals - but in the present, a village of weather witches shows that in fact, they are much the wiser. These witches have erected weather stones throughout their village, each of which has a specific mage to care for and control it. Using these stones, the witches protect an area in the shape of a dome around Vieri to the best of their abilities, preventing the country from being completely destroyed by nature.


Felana is named for the goddess of flight, is the closest thing to a stronghold that Vieri has, and thus holds the country’s only port as well. Those wishing to - legally - dock their airships in Vieri or enter the country through teleportation are expected to pass through this capital, which is run by a hawk-eyed force of Avian beastfolk. Being a port city also means it has plenty of traffic for tourists and would-be customers for merchants, making it’s merchant, guild, and artisan districts packed full day and night.

The leader of Felana is also the Vier “Warlord”, Erik the Sharp-Eyed, an eagle Avian. While he is often not present in the capital, spending far more time at the peacekeeping force’s base of operations in Vaiius, he remains an idol for many living in the city who view him with much respect. Unlike the leaders of other subnations in Vieri, the leader of Felana is chosen not for their wisdom, but for their strength - both of character, and of body. Erik the Sharp-Eyed won the position just before the start of the Attonian war, and has shown to be the perfect person for the job - despite some rumours that he is attempting to sabotage the peacekeeping position of Vieri and Niseca in Atton.

Felana - the capital, along with the rest of the region and much of Vieri itself - are crawling in the Vier Intermediary Peacekeepers. They act as a force of diplomatic power throughout Vieri and Fortuna, coming into action in situations of violence - particularly against oppressed people. The Vier Intermediary Peacekeepers were, and still are, responsible for much of the ‘illegal’ removal of refugees from dictator-ruled Muerte, making them a key enemy of the country. In fact, in Muerte it is legal to kill a Vier Intermediary Peacekeeper on sight.

Notable villages in Felana include Vaiius, Aviary, and Vastell.

Vaiius is the home base for the Vier Intermediary Peacekeepers, and on these streets is where one might most likely see Erik the Sharp-Eyed. Vaiius is kept in a very particular order, allowing only the smallest amount of sentiment into its borders. It is home to some of the finest weaponries in the country, and is virtually crime-free. Those who do dare to commit a crime under the watchful eye of the Intermediary Peacekeepers is tried through a military system of law, and often extradited to a prison village south of it - much to the distaste of Elder Westwind in Morrinas.

Aviary is a purely Avian village that makes its home along the sides of eastern mountains. While they permit visitors of any race, they much prefer to keep the residents pure to the bird-like Avians. Though not permitted in other parts of the country, the past suffering of Avians in Vieri, and the tendency for their settlements to be gentrified by humans has allowed this one city to be protected by law. Sports are incredibly popular in Aviary, with the bird-like people transforming various land sports into airborne variants.

Vastell is a beautiful village overlooking the edge of Vieri and the seas beneath it from one side, and a large forest on its other. The forest is Vastell’s main interest, as the wood there is seemingly charmed with some kind of magic said to have come from Felana herself. The wood is the sturdiest light wood in the world, and is ideal for building airships that can withstand the rough weathers of the skies. They make all of the Intermediary Peacekeeper ships, in addition to many recreational ships for nobles.


Named for the goddess of charity and the west wind. This nation has unique laws regarding the prosecution of criminals, and in general the treatment of all who live within its borders. For the people of Morrinas, everyone is considered equal until they take actions that would remove them from that equality. But to determine when one has removed themselves from equal standing with others, they must be judged fairly. Within the capital of Morrinas stands the Court Ampitheatre, a location where accused members of society are to be tried before a massive jury of their peers. Anyone of the same age, race, gender, orientation, or class as the accused is permitted to be a part of the jury, and in dire cases - crimes of murder, rape, or treason - they are in fact expected to. Before this jury, the accused is expected to be prosecuted on a commitment to finding the truth - no matter the result. Those who are found guilty of their crimes by the jury are considered redeemable, and are then sent to another village for the sake of rehabilitation. It is believed that all are capable of goodness, so long as they are surrounded by a society that is willing to foster it.

The leader of Morrinas is one Elder Westwind, an air embodiment over a century old. Her gust has gone, but her mind is strong and so is her heart. She is considered to be Morrina’s greatest follower, for her development of many villages in Morrinas devoted to refugee housing and the permanent relocation of poor and working class peoples from other countries. She has also constructed numerous homes for the poor, and orphanages, across Fortuna, which are run by officials from Morrinas.

Notable villages in Morrinas include New Atton, Westwind City, and Valleyfall.

New Atton is the most recently constructed village in Vieri, which only became livable within the past year. In response to the war raging in Atton for the last eight years, Morrina convinced the council of leaders in Vieri to permit the funding of New Atton, home for refugee natives from the wartorn land. While no natives have yet agreed to leave Atton - preferring to fight and die on their own turf - New Atton sits ready and waiting to serve a new populous.

Westwind City was renamed for Elder Westwind several decades ago, to celebrate her impressive successes as leader of Morrinas. The city was one of the first in the nation - outside of the capital - and houses one of the largest orphanages in the world. The Westwind Home for Lost Children - also renamed to honour Elder Westwind - is a massive estate covering several acres. The orphanage takes in children from across the country, and even those left homeless due to overflow in orphanages in other countries. While the children live an ascetic lifestyle thanks to the many monks who volunteer their time working here, they live one with much love and happiness as well.

Valleyfall sits on the far outskirts of Morrinas overlooking the windy green valleys of western Vieri. Thanks to its well-planned position at the crest of a tall hill, the village has been able to set up several machines for farming wind, allowing them to use the wind gathered to power all of Morrinas - and much of the nation as a whole. Many say that there are some less strident members of the community using these machines to farm lightning and selling it off to air pirates and ship racers, but even if it is true, the great work that the citizens of Valleyfall do would certainly find them innocent in front of a jury.


Named for the Great Deity of winds and wisdom, and the Southern wind, the city of Veveiria worships Veira’s teachings as law. Though they follow the laws passed by the nation in Windom, they have very little in common with the other nations in Vieri. The people here are all expected to live the lifestyle of a monk - whether they worship Veira or not - and to follow traditions of passive resistance and peace. Those that live here are pushed to live an ascetic lifestyle, both out of respect for the world around them, and also to be more like the air - drifting through the world without leaving a mark.

The leader of Veveiria is one Acharya Gadreel. He is the eldest monk in all Veveiria, and one of the oldest persons in all of Vieri. He has been a monk of Veveiria since he was a child, and spent many years in the capital caring for the mountain, temple, and council building. He is considered incredibly wise, and many adventurers make the dangerous trek through the skies and across Vieri in order to meet with him for advice.

Notables villages in Veveiria are Ala’aelkohl and Vindroa.

The former sits at the base of a mountain jungle in Veveiria, and is said to be a highly spiritual place with a deep connection to the South wind. Those who wish to progress as a monk are required to visit this village, and make a spirit walk through the jungle. Those who come out alive, and enlightened, are considered to be among the wisest of monks. The jungle is also open to others who may wish for enlightenment, though it is recommended that those not trained in the ascetic lifestyle of the month take proper supplies and precautions - as the jungles can be unwieldingly dangerous.

Vindroa also has a deep spiritual connection, but uses it instead for dealing with the dead. Here in Vindroa, the dead are cremated, and their ashes fed down a hole at the base of the village. Some say that this hole is actually a portal to Ephilroa - the underworld - and that if one were to fall, or jump, down it, they would find themselves in the land of the dead. While many believe this to be more of a tradition than anything based on fact, the portal - the hole - is blocked and guarded by monks, to ensure that no one endangers their life by falling or jumping through it.


Archarya's Jungle

Located at the base, and stretching up over, a mountain near Ala’aelkohl in Veveiria, the Archarya's Jungle is an extremely spiritual location that is said to be where Veira's first winds still blow to this day. Any monk wishing to raise their rank in Veveiria, or in Windom, is expected to make a pilgrimage to Ala’aelkohl, and then travel through the jungle on their own - facing any dangers that appear using the wisdom of Veira.

While the jungle is sacred, the people of Veveiria will allow any wishing to make the spirit journey do so, but highly recommend that those inexperienced with the ways of Veira do not travel too deeply.

Falling Lakes

At the western edge of Vieri, the lowest portion of the land, lay a rolling hillside decorated by lakes. Each lake is fed by rivers from the many mountains in Vieri, and each has a tendency to flood quite quickly, due to the high amount of moisture at the altitude of the country. Due to this, a grand wall was constructed before the hillside, acting as a dam to keep the water from flowing to the villages of Morrinas, instead pushing them to flow off the side of the country - which they do. During rainfall, many nearby villagers will stop by the dam to watch the beautiful sight as the lakes overflow, and a majestic waterfall forms for miles along the border, pouring down into the seas several thousand feet below them.

Pirate's Dock

This small dock at the base of the country is well concealed by falling water, ivy, and moss from the edges of Vieri above, making it a location kept a wonderful secret between pirates and the occasional intrepid explorer. The dock is a safe place for pirates to hide their air ships, and a tunnel carved through the base of the country allows them to make a - physically difficult - trek up and into the underground of Archopolis.

Temple of the Four Winds

Located in Windom, constructed in a spiralling design over the cliffs of the central mountain, the Temple of the Four Winds is dedicated to Veira, Deity of Wisdom, and her pantheon of gods. Carved into the side of the mountain, and comepletly in the open air, the different levels of the temple are accessible only by ladders or flight. Many find the trek dangerous, and leave their offerings for the monks to deliver to the top of the temple - though many say that if you do not bring the offering yourself, you shall never receive your blessing.

It is said that the mountain here is where all winds come from, that its peak blows it freely, sending it through the world where it is most needed. The temple, it is said, plays an important role in this, ensuring that Veira's pantheon is well tended to, so that they continue to serve the world around them.