To be greeted with stares and whispers, to suffer violence and insult on the street, to see mistrust and fear in every eye: this is the lot of the tiefling. And to twist the knife, tieflings know that this is because a pact struck generations ago infused the essence of Banoor - god of blood - into their bloodline. Their appearance and their nature are not their fault but the result of an ancient sin, for which they and their children and their children's children will always be held accountable.

Tieflings are derived from human bloodlines, and in the broadest possible sense, they still look human. However, their infernal heritage has left a clear imprint on their appearance. Tieflings have large horns that take any of a variety of shapes: some have curling horns like a ram, others have straight and tall horns like a gazelle's, and some spiral upward like an antelopes' horns. They have thick tails, four to five feet long, which lash or coil around their legs when they get upset or nervous. Their canine teeth are sharply pointed, and their eyes are solid colours - black, red, white, silver, or gold - with no visible sclera or pupil. Their skin tones cover the full range of human colouration, but also include various shades of red. Their hair, cascading down from behind their horns, is usually dark, from black or brown to dark red, blue, or purple.

Tieflings subsist in small minorities found mostly in human cities or towns, often in the roughest quarters of those places, where they grow up to be swindlers, thieves, or crime lords. Sometimes they live among other minority populations in enclaves where they are treated with more respect.

Lacking a homeland, tieflings know that they have to make their own way in the world and that they have to be strong to survive. They are not quick to trust anyone who claims to be a friend, but when a tiefling's companions demonstrate that they trust him or her, the tiefling learns to extend the same trust to them. And once a tiefling gives someone loyalty, the tiefling is a firm friend or ally for life.

Common Traits

The following traits can be found in several tiefling , though each tiefling is unique, and may have any assortment of these traits.

Darksight. Tiefling developed darksight as they were, in the past, forced to make their homes in caves and stay away from human society. Since then, they have begun to integrate, but they remain capable of seeing clearly in the dark.

Infernal Legacy. Their connection to evil gods have given the tiefling many gifts, including a resistance to fire, and a natural ability for magic. While most tiefling are gifted with necromancy magic, some are born with more of an illusionist, or evoker’s lean.