Sigmund Zosa


Powerful. This character has an incredibly impressive power that is unmatched by many. This might be in the ways of magic, might, or even political or financial power.

Pliable. This character is always open to a deal. While they may "make up their minds" often, they can be convinced to change it with the right offer - you just have to know what that offer is.


This character has no active or completed storylines - yet.


Sigmund Zosa runs a tight ship financially, keeping his job secure by ensuring that the funds of the country are well-managed and every use of it is vetted in excruciating detail -- he has to if he wants to ensure that the position remains his, as it is one of the most desired positions on the council… And if there is one thing Sigmund learned in his time as Minister of Education, it is also the most powerful position.

He remembers the time when his department was at the mercy of the Finance Minister - and now it’s the game that he plays, and he really does treat it like a game. To him, the position is a “pay to play” system. If you want to fund your department, you’ll treat Sigmund like a King. Offer him special gifts or favours, spend your respect on him - and most importantly, attend his parties.

Sigmund adores parties. He attends multiple each week for charity, and hosts his own throughout the months as well. These galas are well renowned for being the best parties of the season - as well as the most expensive. Each seat and each plate could run someone several thousand gold pieces, so to be a guest is to be the creme de la creme of society, whether you pay, or are invited as a personal guest. It may seem silly to spend such an exorbiant amount, but it is certain that those who enter these galas leave with some kind of political favour or power in their back pocket.


Full Name. Sigmund R. W. W. Zosa

Race. Hill Dwarf

Sex. Male

Age. One Hundred and Fifty-Eight

Occupation. Liesdron Minister of Finance


Greedy. Whether this character prefers money, things, people, places, or attention, they have a desire for all of it in excess.

Arrogant. This character can often let their ego get ahead of them in social situations or otherwise.