Seppina Viviana


Full Name. Seppina Viviana

Race. Merfolk

Sex. Female

Age. Eighteen

Occupation. Vice Admiral of the Sumish Military


Cunning. This character is able to achieve their ends through more devious, or evasive methods, and is quite skilled at such things.

Beautiful. This character's physical appearance is unmatched. They are incredibly beautiful to look at - though looks may occasionally be deceiving.


Naive. This character will believe almost anything told to them, so long as it is told somewhat convincingly. This may lead to broken hearts or broken bones along the way, but sometimes you have to have faith.

Vengeful. This character has a bone to pick, and they won't stop until they serve the dish cold: revenge.


As Seppina was growing up, she had everything a child could want: A loving, devoted mother and father; a wonderful, happy community full of friends and excitement; and her mother was even well off enough to spoil her every once in a while. She should have been the happiest child in Tuigard. Still, there was one thing missing. From the time she was old enough to remember anything specific, Seppina knew she had a half-sister named Emine. She knew she was beautiful, and had a smile that made Seppina's heart laugh. She wanted to know her... And for some reason, Emine didn't want anything to do with Seppina. The few times her half-sister had come to visit, Seppina had only felt contempt, anger -- she had even heard Emine arguing with her father about Seppina's very existence. Of course, that wasn't the only thing she had overheard.

As Seppina got older, Emine visited less and less, eventually not coming at all. Until one day she appeared out of the blue, demanding to see their father. Seppina's mother of course let her in and allowed her privacy with the man, but Seppina couldn't help but listen in. She heard Emine talk about how she was close to achieving 'their dream', how she was going to bring back the Sumish military. And Seppina suddenly had an idea.

Seppina knew who Kellen Appius was. She had met him once or twice when her father was doing activist work for the merfolk. She had only been a child at the time, but she knew that the man was always interested to hear from a proud, successful merperson, and Seppina felt that with her success in the academy she was just that. She sent him a letter, expecting a reply within the month... And instead she received it almost immediately. They exchanged correspondence this way for weeks, until finally Seppina revealed her motivations for contacting him. She informed him of Emine Viviana's plans to reinvigorate the Sumish military, about how she thought it was a wonderful idea and Emine was to be an excellent leader, as proven by her time on the Sultan's Guard... But Seppina had a request. 'If the great Sultan Mydas and you, your own eminency, choose to permit Miss Viviana's request... I would like to put my name forward to serve this honourable country and Moann's grace in conjunction with her when I reach legal age... I believe she needs a strong and true Merperson to stand beside her... To show the way Submiere has united on all fronts... To show the power of us and our unity... Would you not think that to be true, Adviser Appius?'

A part of her expected it to fail. In fact, most of her expected it to fail. She may have been at the top of her classes: strong, smart and successful... But she was young. She thought that perhaps all this would do was cause the Sultan and his adviser to insist that Emine take a strong merman as her partner, and not even consider young Seppina. She was even more certain that was to be the case when she did not receive any further letters from the Sultan's adviser.

When Seppina's mother and father were dying, Seppina was the one to care for them. She watched over them day in and day out, fed them, bathed them, made their last days something other than pain and misery. She missed her classes, her friends, anything resembling free-time, but they were her dying parents, and she would not allow herself a chance to regret missing a single moment with them. With all of her sacrifice, it stands to reason that when Emine appeared at her father's sickbed after not having been in contact for months, it bothered Seppina. It made her realize that all of those times that her mother told her how terrible land-walkers were, she may have been speaking the truth.

Her and Emine didn't talk much then. Neither of them had an interest in getting to know one another at that dark time. In fact, the first time they said more than a few compulsory words to one another was at the funeral for their father. "He was so full of love," Seppina cried, wanting share in comfort with her half-sister at this time of need. Emine wasn't having it. "For me and my mother," Emine seethed.

"Emine... He was. He spoke of her. He spoke of her and you many times. He loved you both so much," It hurt Seppina to say such things, to compare her father's love to her with that he had had for Emine... But she was desperate for a connection.

"He did love me and mother, you're right about that," Emine nodded, her eyes welling, "Until your siren mother put a spell on him and took him away." She said it loud enough for the other guests to hear - and they did. Everyone became silent, awkward. "Emine..." Seppina whispered, trying to pull the girl away from the crowd.

"No, save it. You're not his real family, you horrid half-fish. You shouldn't even be here," Emine shoved Seppina, garnering more attention. Seppina considered bringing up how she had been the one to care for their father as he died, how she had been there for him while Emine was far too concerned with her own self-serving desire for greatness... But she didn't. She had tried. She had attempted to make a connection. Seppina would be sure to watch Emine regret her decisions... someday.

She began to develop a plan, a plan to take away the one thing Emine loved in the world - her military. She used her reputation as "The Sumish General's Sibling" to attract interest from the other military powers of the world, forces that didn't want to have to deal with the sea-faring force of Submiere. When she finally became of legal age, she expected nothing to change. And yet, it did.

She received a letter with a seal she had never seen before, one that she would get familiar with very quickly. It was from Emine. The letter was a formal apology for her behaviour at the funeral, and an offer to join the Sumish military as Emine's partner. Seppina suddenly felt extremely guilty. She had taken the low road. Had tried to sabotage her sister for something she said while she was suffering a great a loss... She knew her father would be ashamed of her in this moment. Ashamed of Seppina and proud of Emine for offering the olive branch. Seppina wrote back with her own apology, one unspecific enough to keep her bad deeds quiet, but heartfelt enough to ring true with Seppina's regret. She accepted the position, and packed her belongings to join Seppina in the royal capital.

She received the warmest of welcomes. Emine finally seemed to care about her half-sister - at least enough to attempt a connection - and it filled Seppina's heart with a joy she hadn't experienced since her parents were alive, and healthy. Seppina vowed to work hard for Emine, she had a lot to make up for.

One evening the Sultan held a incredible dinner in celebration of the work Emine had done to protect and sustain the country of Submiere. Seppina was of course invited as well, being Emine’s partner, and she couldn't imagine anything better. She expected a night of fun beyond compare, a night she would remember for the rest of her life - and one of those things would prove to be true. She and Emine went together, dressed in beautiful flowing gowns that made them popular with a number of wealthy, noble bachelors who attended the event. They were both accosted throughout the night for dances, but only Seppina accepted.

After what she thought of as her hundredth dance, she was approached by Kellen Appius, who requested one for himself. She was surprised at the request, but when she saw Sultan Mydas ask the same of Emine, it only made sense. She accepted and the two danced somewhat awkwardly, Seppina unsure of what was appropriate or not with man of such power and high standing; Appius having other things on his mind. He finally let his thoughts free. "Is your sister treating you well?" He asked her.

"Emine? Yes, she... She is," Seppina smiled, looking over at her ravishing half-sister dancing with the Sultan. "Good," Kellen nodded, "I was worried at first. What with her reaction when I told her she would need to bring you on board for the Sultan's approval." Seppina stumbled, stepping on Kellen's toes. He caught her, and she apologized quickly, something he dismissed. Silence fell over them for a moment too long until she finally spoke: "You never replied... I thought that she asked me on her own."

"I regret being the one to inform you, but... She didn't," Kellen informed her, his plan appearing to work wonders, "She almost gave in when I told her of the caveat... But I was insistent. You were right, Miss Viviana. We do need proud merfolk in positions of power… And we must take it, for they will never allow us to stand shoulder to shoulder with them."

"I just... She made it sound like it was her choice. I thought she wanted me, that we could mend things," Seppina was on the verge of tears. Kellen stopped their dancing and put a comforting arm around her, he feigned an apology: "I did not know that you had been so misinformed, come..." He took her out of the ballroom, through a corridor and into a private parlour. The moment the door was shut she let out her sobs.

"You really wanted things to be different, didn't you?" Kellen asked, observing Seppina as she slowly nodded through her wails, "That's the thing, Seppina. The thing we all learn. Land-walkers will never be different. They will never accept us. All they do is hate us, just as they did before ...Would you like to have your revenge on Emine, Seppina?" She nodded.

Kellen told her about what he had been working on for the last few years of Sultan Mydas' reign. Training true, proud merfolk who would be able to revolutionize Submiere, bring their people the respect they had deserved after years of discrimination and abuse. Seppina was someone he had been desperately wanting to work with in this, he told her, she was strong, proud, had a powerful lineage... "You could do great things, Seppina."

Without a second thought, she accepted. She confided in him what she had done before, her connections to the other warlords of Fortuna. She had cut them off when Emine had brought her in as her second, but now that she knew better - and knew more classified information - those flames could most certainly be rekindled. Kellen loved the idea. He tasked her to continue her work with that, that he trusted her with bringing Emine down and taking over the military herself - he also told her that every four months, he would retrieve her and bring her to a secret location. A place where he could train her to become Sultana. Before they would return to the ballroom, Kellen would lightly kiss her cheek, and her heart would flutter. Seppina's dreams became very real goals before her eyes.

They returned to the ballroom, Seppina wiping her face of the last tear tracks left behind. As she took her seat, Emine looked over - "Are you alright?"

Seppina just smiled: "Never better."