Being of ancient age and origin, shardmind are crystalline constructs held together by the power of their own will. Although incredibly rare, they wander the world seeking new knowledge to enlighten their experiences.

These beings were originally created by the deity Diassei, who wished for a people that could be controlled by her and her disciples using mere will. In their earliest days, the shardmind were monstrous killing machines. When Diassei was imprisoned in Ephilroa, however, the shardmind were gifted free will by Moann and empathy by Veira, making them far more human than originally intended.

The power that a shardmind possesses comes from the fact that, in essence, they are a fragment of pure thought. Some can be very rational and calculating, while others are empathetic, timid, or hot-tempered. These base thoughts define much of how they approach the world - and some think that these thoughts and feelings are even imparted by the deities and their pantheons of demigods.

Being purely asexual beings, shardmind have no dimorphism between one another, gender being an abstract concept to an untouched shardmind. However, many are raised in societies where these expectations hold true, and are not immune to those cultural impacts. Shardmind names often reflect their communities, but those who are able to grow and mature in shardmind families hold names reflective of beautiful gems and stones.


Common Traits

The following traits can be found in several shardmind , though each shardmind is unique, and may have any assortment of these traits.

Crystalline Mind. Due to the shardmind’s brain being made of pure stone, gem, and crystal, they are able to easily resist the wiles of enchantment magic, and often see through illusion school magic with ease.

Living Construct. Being more object than human, shardmind do not require food, drink, or sleep. Meditation helps to refresh their body and mind.

Telepathy. With no mouth or lungs to speak of, shardmind communicate through telepathy - but can hear others with no problem.