Siridean Alastorius


Hopeless Romantic. This character has beautiful ideas of what love is, and often finds themselves blinded by love, or falling more deeply - and more quickly - in love than most.

Enigmatic. This character has a notable mystery that surrounds them like a veil, concealing facts about them.


This character has no active or completed storylines - yet.


Being a starborn lends one a certain kind of clout - and a certain kind of expectation. While Siridean was certainly interested in the destiny offered to him by his race, he did not enjoy that expectation. He watched as others would simply go about not knowing exactly what their purpose was, and be jealous over the idea that he could not experiment in the same ways. Perhaps that is why the moment he became headmaster of the Academy of Divination he disappeared from the public eye, being seen only in council meetings, and during important events at the academy.

But he doesn’t spend all of his time in hiding. Quite to the contrary, in fact.

Siridean is a master diviner and a starborn, and has been gifted with the ability to see love as no other. Every day he observes the tidings of new love through his daydreams, and every night he goes out onto the streets to ensure that the love will occur by “happenstance” - setting up the perfect conditions for it. Watching love blossom is his all-time favourite activity, and so he often tracks the couples he puts together through seeing pools.

Despite his obsession with crafting love, Siridean Alastorius has had none of it to speak of himself. This is despite those attending the academy and those in the surrounding cities having many in their populations with romantic ideas around Siridean, and what could be described as “crushes” on him. Perhaps it is because he has foreseen no perfect love for himself, or because he has seen too much pain in love to want it for himself - whatever the reason, Siridean doesn’t seem to have any interest in being loved.


Full Name. Siridean Q. Alastorius

Race. Starborn

Sex. Male

Age. Thirty-Eight

Occupation. Councilman of Oculum, Rielcia;
Headmaster of the Academy of Divination


Dilettante. This character is a bit of a layperson, with only a cursory knowledge of things - though they may like to act as though they have an expansive knowledge of things.

Anti-Social. This character isn't a fan of most people. They may have some close friends or allies that they cherish, but in general they prefer their alone time.