Ruiha Maytal


Full Name. Ruiha C. Maytal

Race. Orc

Sex. Female

Age. Thirty-Nine

Occupation. Liesdron Minister of Public Safety & Justice


Honest-to-a-Fault. This character is almost incapable of keeping secrets, and feels a deep need to tell the truth no matter what it may do or who it may hurt.

Long-Winded. This character enjoys the sound of their own voice, and can rarely resist the inspiration and opportunity to give another a speech.


Ruiha had always had a strong sense of justice, likely formed as a child when read stories about Sriae and how dedicated she was to enlightenment and empowerment. There was always a sense of ‘rightness’ to her, and Ruiha admired that. As she grew up, she viewed the law as Sriae’s own hand coming down and cleansing the world of bad people, and wanted to be a part of that. So, she worked hard, qualified for a law school in Artavia, and left the country she loved in order to get her degrees. Following that, she was offered a position at one of the law firms in Artavia, and having spent so long away from home, she had lost the love she had for Liesdro, and said yes.

The firm wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, however. Yes, she was an associate and knew she wouldn’t have much say in her cases -- but it felt… Wrong. She felt as if she were not helping enact the law, and instead thought perhaps what she was doing was skirting the law. Still, there were rules of client confidentiality that had to be upheld, so she would not blow any whistles on her firm -- instead, she returned to her first love: Liesdro.

Back in Liesdro, with her eyes having been opened by her time in Artavia, she saw that not everything was Right. Laws seemed to be built with loopholes pre-made in them to exploit, and no one fought for truth - something that Sriae stood for. She saw the beautiful icon of her deity standing in the form of a statue outside of the ministry and thought it a farce. Sriae would not stand for the laws as they were - so Ruiha would change them.

She made it her mission to become Minister of Public Safety and Justice. She cared less for enforcement and more for truth, and used that to set her apart from the other candidates - of which there were only two. It was strange that she was permitted to enter - as she had no military experience, or experience as a minister elsewhere - but neither did the other two entrants. One was Rodya Fairns of Armament Rights, and the other was a rich military brat. Rodya herself enjoyed what she heard from Ruiha, and gave her vote to Maytal as opposed to herself - winning Ruiha the position.

Since then, Ruiha has pushed for laws to be more plain-text so that all citizens can understand them without a law degree, and has also been pushing for more qualifications to laws in existence, and for judges to have more power in ensuring that the law is interpreted for truth and truth alone.


Pious. This character is extremely dedicated to their religion, and uses it to enact Good in the world.

Prepared. This character is almost always prepared, or at least they prefer to be. They can often be seen planning ahead for whatever their endeavours may be.