Rielcia, Land of Inner Magic

Said to be formed by the deity Miynie’s own hands, Rielcia is a land of pure magic. The waters, the land, the air - even the people, are said to be infused with magic, and this often shows. The natural lands here are all in strange colours and stranger combinations, and the sunlight always seems to be filtered through some kind of coloured lens, almost never coming out as pure white or amber.

Not only the lands of Rielcia are affected, however. The native people are, too. The Kina are the race said to have been borne of the land, and are also seen as the only true rulers of Rielcia. Rielcian leaders are called The Supreme, and are chosen through a test of magical might known as The Seven Wonders. These tests occur as the Supreme ages, and begins to lose their magical powers. The test itself is made up of seven levels, as the name would suggest, where Kina must prove that they can cast magic in seven different schools of magic: Transmutation, Abjuration, Illusion, Conjuration, Evocation, Divination, and Enchantment. As most magic-users can only cast two, to cast all seven is an incredible feat. While the Supreme is dying, however, many Kina find that they can cast up to five schools of magic. Not included in the Seven Wonders is the school of Necromancy, which isn’t considered a true “Art” by the Rielcian magistrate, as one can make deals with demons for the dark energies associated with necromancy.

The Supreme is seen as the One True Ruler of Rielcia, and has a large amount of power - but not limitless - when it comes to the national and international decisions made regarding the country. Instead, the Supreme leads a council of seven witches, wizards, and sorcerers - of any race - who each represent a different school of magic. Here again, Necromancy is not represented.

In marriage, the Supreme is most often wedded to the eldest suitable child of the Malscuri Imperator, unless previously wedded before attaining Supremehood. In situations where no child is available, the Supreme is expected to remain a spinster until the time one becomes available. This has been an ongoing problem with Imperator Cowell, for he has borne no children. In addition, with the ongoing Attonian war, and loss of his fiancee, he is unlikely to. Many believe the Supreme has sent assassins after Imperator Cowell, hoping to move things forward, while others believe the Supreme doesn’t care - preferring instead to secreting young men and women into the castle for days of carnal debauchery, instead (one of the worst kept secrets in Rielcia).

The division of the lands in Rielcia are made quite clear by the magics inherent to it. Each type of magic has a specific aura, and lands in Rielcia are considered owned by the schools which match its school. Land with a purple aura, for example, belongs to the School of Abjuration, where land with a red aura, belongs to the School of Evocation. Land with a black aura is said to be no man’s land, and citizens are not permitted to enter those areas.

A person from Rielcia is Rielcian.


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School of Abjuration

All areas of Rielcia determined to have a purple area are considered part of the School of Abjuration - though this area is small compared to the others. The academy of Abjuration is a building made of a mix of materials - metal, stone, wood - all used in the right amounts to make it as sturdy as possible. It's not the most attractive building, being short, square, and in an unappealing colour, but it does it's job well.

The city that holds the academy is known as Protera. Protera is a thickly walled fortress of a city, and the one place where - should there be an attack on Rielcia - they could contain everyone safely. Other than the academy, Protera is mostly made up of safehouses, labyrinthine tunnels, and banks. All that needs protecting in Rielcia is kept here, as it is seen as impenetrable. The walls around Protera are thick, which aren't much protection, but the magical dome that covers it does the job well. Within the walls of Protera - or even in the skies above it - magic cannot be cast by those not written into the spell. Even with those written in, there are varying levels of clearance. The Supreme holds the highest level of access, following by the council, and then high-ranking members of the military. The lowest level are citizens, with students just one above that. Anyone who wishes to cast magic within the city must apply, and through a long and drawn out process can be permitted to cast certain levels of spell, or even just certain schools. Evocation magic is not permitted within the walls of Protera. Non-magical citizens wait on long lists in order to live here for the safety offered.

Councilwoman Fong controls this area, and does so with an iron fist. She takes her job seriously, and is not one to joke. No one is above her authority - other than the Supreme - and she would never hesitate to take down someone of noble rank if they were to commit a crime. Thanks to this, she also directs the home office for Rielcian Official Militia Legions. Her tough-on-crime motivations make the region she leads safe, and many appreciate her for it.

The rest of this school's region expands out in concentric fashion from Protera, with each city surrounding the last, with walls blockading entrance to each one. The most outer of which is the housing project called AB-01. Criminals who have had their magic removed, and their bodies tattooed to show their wrongdoing are housed here if they choose it, and work to protect the inner cities in return for credit towards being cleared of their crimes.

One of the cities surrounding Protera is Nenrind. The city of Nenrind sits as one of the innermost rings which surround and protect Protera and the academy of abjuration. Known by many as the “city of rushing water”, Nenrind is famous for the collection of magical waterfalls which cascade down from its walls, as well as the numerous fountains and canals which run through the streets. Though beautiful to behold, there is also rumor that the water itself is enchanted to protect Nenrind should it and Rielcia ever come under attack. The city was once ruled over by the high elven Pherithil family, but following their arrest the city is now administered by a representative of Councilwoman Fong.

School of Conjuration

Areas with a yellow aura are considered part of the School of Conjuration. Set in the town of Ilibisivity - often referred to "Libi" - it's academy is an impressive estate surrounded by a moat and a thick briar patch. The look is certainly intimidating, but many of the students enjoy the feeling of attending some place "dangerous" - even if conjuration usually isn't.

Ilibisivity, heretofore referred to as Libi, is a quaint town compared to many of the other capitals. Not many choose to live here outside of a few business owners and students, thanks to the dark cloud that hangs above the academy. Not a figurative dark cloud - the dark cloud is real, and many believe it to be caused by the massive amount of Conjuration magic cast in the school. The dark cloud offers the strangest of weather conditions, some of which are dangerous, which makes for Libi to be a place where you stay inside - to the point where underground tunnels have been built that grant access to most of the town's amenities.

The School of Conjuration's territory is controlled by Councilman Garrus, who is one of the few Embodiments in a position of power in Fortuna. Garrus is a natural at Conjuration magic, summoning things from other planes and from thin air with ease. At first glance one might see him as tough, but he's a family man with a love for children, especially performing his magic for them. He has made a point of ensuring that families in his territory are well taken care of, and that every child is given the same opportunities.

Other notable villages in this territory are Plynno, and Servusta. Plynno is notable for two things: It's massive number of exports, which hold much responsibility as far as the financial state of Rielcia is concerned, and the disgusting smog of stink that the place is covered in. Residents usually cast breathing spells on themselves, or are given magical items of clothing built for protecting them from the smog. It's worth it despite the stink, however, as those who work in this city for a mere five years see themselves making a lifetime's worth of money through farming, fishing, mining, and hunting. Servusta is not quite so unappealing, not in the same way, anyways. Instead, Servusta might be unappealing due to the illegal activity going on there, where many of the people test their magic on living creatures, and even deal in conjuring creatures from other realms as pets. Their actions have been shut down time and again, but keep on starting up again.

School of Divination

The white aura of the more northern lands mark the School of Divination's territory. The Academy is one of the most interesting, with classes dedicated to reading stars, tea leaves, mirrors, pools, runes, and even other people. Those with an inclination to this magic see themselves as a higher mind than most, able to see through the magic of others. The building of the academy itself is rather simple save for the turrets that stretch up, up, up, high into the sky.

The city that the academy calls home is named Oculum, after the mirror situated in the tallest tower of the academy. The mirror is said to be able to see the truth in anything, and even predict the future. Due to the dangers such a power could offer, access to the Oculum is foreboden. Still, the stories surrounding it are popular, and it attracts people to Oculum in the hopes of diving their futures. Instead, they are treated to streets full of merchants selling mirrors of truth-telling or future telling, runic stones, mystic tea leaves, or fortune sessions. Most of these people are cons trying to make a buck, but the occasional real deal hides among them, and can tell futures, and even lay curses on those who reject their words.

Councilman Alastorius controls the school's territory, but is not seen particularly often by anyone outside of the council, or the students and staff of the academy. He is said to wander the streets only by night, being moved by the stars to ensure certain events are witnessed. Those who have certainly seen him have noted how he floats when he walks, and how in the moonlight his eyes and hair sparkle and glow like stars. He has a rather large fanbase despite his distance from prying eyes, who love his enigmatic persona and romantic appearance.

Other notable cities and villages in this territory include Teress, and a town simply called Meadow. Teress was founded as a tribe of divination-blessed Kina, who wished for a place all their own so that they would stop being flooded with questions of the future. Since it's inception, however, the idea has been corrupted. Instead, the streets are lined with curtain-draped tents and smell thick with incense as anyone with an inkling towards divination have made the village their home for practice. Even the College of Fortune, a guild of Bards who dedicate themselves to fortune telling, has set up their home base here - much to the chagrin of the Kina natives. Meadow, on the other hand, has maintained it's original beauty. A town where Beastfolk can live in peace, Meadow is also the place that many believe the Beastfolk race originally evolved from - as evidenced by the non-beastfolk animals who have no trouble speaking while in the town of Meadow and surrounding areas.

School of Enchantment

Lands of green aura are controlled by the School of Enchantment - which also holds the capital of all Rielcia. The academy here sparkles with a beautiful glamour, but looks almost pale in comparison to the grandeur of the Supreme's citadel.

This city, which is home to both the Academy of Enchantment, and the citadel is called Prestego. The charming magics placed on the city allow for the Supreme to be well protected. Should anyone enter the city with ill-will towards Rielcia, the Supreme, or the Supreme's citadel, they would find the citadel to be guarded with an intimidating force, as if prepared for the attack. Should they defeat the guards and enter the citadel, they instead find themselves back outside before another citadel. This enchantment is so strong, that it has yet to be broken or defeated by any intruders. For those who mean the city no harm, Prestego treats its visitors and residents well. Wild animals that have been charmed to obeidiance roam the streets and perform for food, whilst the taverns and inns offer some the best-tasting liquors available. Whether that's through skilled brewing or an enchantment is up for debate.

Councilwoman Violetmist acts as overseer of this school's territory. Violetmist is a fairy, and so naturally skilled in enchantment magics. Her natural talent allowed her to expand her talents to a level unmatched even by the supreme in power - though he easily supersedes her in every other school of magic. Violetmist is a kind woman with a love for games and parties, and so is often planning festivals throughout her land.

Other notable cities include Veritinum, Sagevale, and Myceldell.

Veritinum and Sagevale sit on opposite sides of Prestego, and look identical. Even the people look strangely similar, and many think that the "doubles" on either end are merely illusions or enchantments, though they seem incredibly real. In Veritinum, the truth is everything. While within the bounds of this strange village, everyone is compelled to tell the truth. This has lead to it being used to interrogate suspects in crimes, so it isn't uncommon to see guards from Agnazzar here. Sagevale is the exact opposite, where everyone is compelled to lie -- it makes for the improvisational troupes to be a great laugh, but isn't as much a wonderful place to live.

Finally, Myceldell is a city of mushrooms where fairies appear to be the size of normal humanoids. The change is shocking at first, but research has shown that - while the city looks full of massive, towering mushroom homes from the outside - it is actually an enchantment that changes the size of those who look upon it. When inside, visitors are shrunken down to the size of fairies.

School of Evocation

Controlling the lands of red aura, the School of Evocation is home to the Rielcian military. With Evocation magic being mostly destructive in nature, it was only natural that this be their stronghold. The academy is easy to find, but near impossible to access, as they require each student and professor to carry identification that permits them access - due to the academy also holding the base of the military.

The city holding the academy is known as Agnazzar, and has incredibly thick walls coated invisible charms and other spells used to defend the city from attack. Unlike the loose, relaxed atmospheres found in most academy cities, Agnazzar is well-policed. This is partially due to the students, who are learning deadly uses of magic, and also partially to do with the prisons underground, where criminals in Rielcia are sent while waiting for trial. Criminals who are found guilty have their magic removed, and are covered in tattoos to denote their crime before being released back into society.

Agnazzar was previously controlled by ex-Councilman Gilles, but when the Attonian war began, he abandoned his post to lead his country in their alliance with Malscure, in order to claim Atton as Eleusan territory. Currently, it is under the hand of the Supreme, who's expertise is in Evocation, though he is working on selecting a permanent replacement for Gilles.

There are few cities or villages in the territory of Evocation, due to the deadly natural disasters that tend to occur on the land. However, one village has managed to maintain itself not far from the outskirts of Agnazzar, thanks to protection from an old-time Abjurer. The town is called Bastion, and is a dusty place where very little greenery is able to grow. Instead of full trees, all that grows is barren and spindly - which the people have used to their advantage. They harvest branches from these barren, magic-laced trees and form them into wands, which they infuse with their own magic and sell for a high price to non magic-users. Everyone in town tends to have a wand at their hip, and it's become a game to many to see who can pull and fire their wand fastest.

School of Illusion

Considered leader of the lands with an amber aura, the School of Illusion is a tricky place to access by those not well-versed in that particular school. The academy can be seen from a large distance and from any angle, but when one tries to get to the academy, they find themselves never getting any closer. And should they solve that illusory puzzle, they will find themselves in a labyrinthine maze of illusory walls and traps.

Once these illusions are penetrated, the city of Mirago can be fully seen as a vibrant, and exciting city with some of the most impressive architecture the world has ever seen. The combination of real construction and illusory construction gives each building a strange and impossible feature that only experience or knowing eyes can pick apart. The colours and design of the city make it lively, and a fine home for entertainers of any kind - particularly circus performers.

Mirago is overseen by Councilwoman, and Headmistress of Mirago Academy, Nemu'uri. She is an incredibly old woman - though how old, is anyone's guess. She uses an illusory glamour to choose her appearance at will, and often chooses to appear as a child instead of an adult, enjoying the reckless play that comes with it.

Other notable cities and villages in this school include Mistfall and Bannistere. Mistfall is the hardest to find, however, as it is constantly moving throughout the illusion-controlled lands. At one point it might be within an hour's walk from Mirago, while the next day it might be a week's ride on the other side of the country. There is one sure sign of it however - the mist and cold it brings wherever it goes. As the people who live in Mistfall don't wish to farm or fish at the risk of their town not being there when they return, many who live there are artisans or brewers, trading their wares with any town Mistfall appears by. Bannistere is easier to find, being in one stable location, but much harder to navigate. Every street is not a street - they're stairs. These stairs will get you to where you need to go, but you might have to travel through the strangest of roundabout paths in order to get to your destination - even upsidedown, on occasion.

School of Transmutation

The School of Transmutation is considered leader of all lands with a blue aura. The academy for transmutation is located in the city of Stonetree - a city most famous for the transmutation magic inherent in the lands there, of course. The trees that make up the city's walls appear like any other, but underneath their bark is pure stone, making them near impossible to topple.

As with all of the school cities, Stonetree is a bustling metropolis filled to the brim with peoples from every walk of life wanting to hone their magics at the academy. There are numerous guilds, craft districts, taverns, and of course, festivals in the city to keep all of these people busy and taken care of.

Stonetree is managed by Councilman Kuizhinier, who also owns Cuisine de Kuizhinier, one of the most famed restaurants in all of Fortuna. Much of his time is spent managing his restaurant, and travelling with a cooking show, so it's surprising that he is the only council member to never miss a meeting. Some claim that he has a twin, but that has never been confirmed.

Other notable cities and villages within the School of Transmutation's power are Feyfire and Quelia. Feyfire, was a small alchemy village with nothing special to show, but as the magic in Rielcia shifted, it was plunged into complete, magical darkness. Only magical light has been shown to shine here, and so the people of Feyfire moved to captured pixies and other small fey creatures in lanterns to provide light, giving them the name they go by now. The fey twinkle in many colours, and once per year the city holds a festival where they release all of the pixies and other fey, allowing for a beautiful light show in the dark, dark sky. Quelia is an even stranger village, accessible only through the use of ladders, and strange spiralling stairs - as the village floats above a canyon. The canyon itself could fit the village perfectly, but for some reason, the magics present have forced the village to levitate.


Absent Mountain

Most don’t realize they’ve arrived at the Absent Mountain until they’ve already started up the sloping incline of its face - since the Absent Mountain is not visible to the untrained eye. Despite the fact that it’s massive, filled with caves and caverns waiting to be explored, and everyone knows it exists somewhere North of Mirago, no one but the most experienced diviners notice it before touching it. Powerful mages are capable of making pieces of it visible for a short time, and clever minds will use fabric, rocks, or paints to show them the path, but most just marvel at its strangeness.

Once per year a competition is held for those who can scale the mountain the most quickly. The prizes are impressive, but the risk is great, as the mountain is hard to predict and a fall would be fatal.

Bloody Valley

One of the few black aura territories talked about in Rielcia’s history books in the Bloody Valley. This location - on the southern border of Malscure and Rielcia - was where much of their warring took place, before their treaties solidified their partnership. Despite that being more than a millenia in the past, the valley here is still soaked with blood. Despite the bodies having long been removed, they can still be seen scattered across the landscape. While it is technically illegal for any person to go to the Bloody Valley, or any other necromantic territory, many aspiring necromancers could care less for that rule, and come to the Valley to meditate, and become stronger.

Land Lake

Many have fallen prey to the tricks of this strange lake, particularly those who don’t realize that they are in the territory of the blue aura. It appears the energies of transmutation here have played with the balance of nature, leading to the strangeness of this location. When one approaches, it looks as though a lake is straight ahead. Should one try to walk around the lake, on the edge, or through the trees they’ll find themselves falling into water - even though it looks like they’re being submerged in dirt, roots, and trees. The water, however, is solid ground, easy to walk on and across.

Looking Pond

This beautiful pond only a few miles south of Teress is surrounded by a thick garden of flowers and tall trees that offer shade from the warm sun. During the day, the pond is nothing special but for the lack of animals that seem to come near it. In the night, however, the pond reflects the moons and stars perfectly as if it is a mirror. And in fact, in the night the surface of the lake is hard like a looking glass. The pond is said to tell your past, present, and future - but many have shown the lake is more likely to tell you what you want to hear, just to convince you to stay near it forever. Legends say that every flower on its shore is actually a person who died staring into the pond, and the magics just disguise the body as something beautiful.

Moonlit Bridge

To the far west of Libi, at the border of Rielcia and Malscure, is a river that divides the two countries. Only when night falls, and the moon and stars both shine down on the river, does the Moonlit Bridge appear. Many who live near the bridge come on nights of the full moon to see the full beauty of the bridge -- and all couples from the bonding ceremonies between Malscuri and Rielcian youths make a point to cross the bridge in their first meeting. The bridge is considered the most beautiful piece of Conjuration magic to exist in all Fortuna.

Stone of Swords

While called merely the stone of swords, the location is more a small mountain to the east of Protera, whose peaks are coated in swords of every century and variety. Some kind of magic holds tight to the swords, making them impossible to pull from the mountainside. Legend tells that by placing your father’s sword into the mountainside, you will be protected in battle, which is why the mountain is so full of them. Another legend says that should you pull a sword from the stone, you have the soul of a deity within you. No one is proven to have pulled a sword from here, however.

Tower of Many Planes

Not more than a few miles north of Ilibisivity stands this impressive, towering structure. The tower is quite strange, looking as though it should not be capable of standing - and there are no doors at its base. In fact, it looks as though it were pulled directly from a castle in Aissic... Which is exactly where it's come from. There is a single door on the tower, near its top, which opens into the abode of famed conjurer-for-hire Sialarvanya Konstantinov. To get to the door... Now, that's the trouble. Many tend to choose flight or levitation, but those without such abilities are welcome to use the ivy clinging to the tower to climb, or the single rope that dangles from the tower's top. On rare occasions - when an invited visitor arrives - a flock of pink and gold butterflies arrive and whisk the visitor to the door. This also seems to be the conjurer's preferred method of entering and leaving her tower.

Trickster Rings

Hard to spot, and decorating the landscape of Rielcia are these rings of small mushrooms. Some claim fairies placed them, others say the Satyrs, while others are certain that these are Miynie’s own brand of playfulness. The rings seem harmless on first glance - should you notice them - but if someone were to step inside of one, they would suddenly - and quite uncomfortably - be teleported to anything trickster ring somewhere else.

At one point, research was done to see if the rings had certain connections with one another, so they could be used as reliable, natural forms of teleportation. Unfortunately, no connection was found, and so the project to document them was abandoned, and the trickster rings remain mostly unmarked.