Romulus Dimitar


Swift. This character is extremely quick. This might refer to their speed, reflexes, or other dexterity-based capabilities.

Artistic. This character has an artistic slant. This may see them as an artisan of some kind, an artist, or simply an appreciator of art.


Unpredictable. This character does many things that could be defined as unexpected, and doesn't seem to often stay true to even their own defined characteristics.

Bored. This character is bored of the life that they're in - and it's not a situation that's easy to change.


World renowned as the “King of Dance” not many would assume that such an artistic soul would be a warrior as well - but they would be quite wrong. Romulus spent many of his formative years in the military, and after breaking away to pursue his art and earn his title, he came back to it. He had begun to be disillusioned with dance, and found war to be his new inspiration. The movements, the sounds, they invigorated him - and made him an unpredictable challenger.

He’s been in the ranks of the military for almost a decade now, and with the war in Atton starting, they required an expert strategist to take the reigns and lead from the new land -- Romulus was selected. It was a surprise to most, who recognized the name as the world-renowned dancer. It was a scare to others who had heard of the new ways in which Dimitar fought, and how his battalions were impossible to predict. He would certainly bring “flair” to Atton - but is flair enough to conquer a country?


Full Name. Romulus L. Dimitar

Race. Ajatar

Sex. Male

Age. Thirty-Two

Occupation. Captain of the Attonian Battalion of Dirys