Pantheon of Peace

The Pantheon of Peace is represented by Fiorre, a deity who gave her life - newfound and innocent - for the peace of lands and protection of mortals. These gods ask much of their followers, demanding that they look into themselves and always be better. The followers of this pantheon believe not only in peace for all, but for the protection of the weak, the sacrifice of the strong, and the loyalty of all those needed to serve.

Over time, Fiorre's sleeping energy has created four other gods to aid in enacting peace. It is said that even though Fiorre lays in a permanent sleep, her brain remains awake, and the dreams it has fulfill her duty.


This god of loyalty and duty is often depicted as a dog or wolf, or a man with a dog’s head. He is the protector of Fiorre in legend, acting as the force that ensures no one disturbs her slumber. In his godhood, he acts as patron for knights, guards, and others who are seen as protectors. He is considered the God of Duty, and many serving positions require persons to swear his oaths before beginning work.


The final god of the seasons, Grimma is goddess of winter. She was born of Fiorre’s freezing breath, and brings to the world the biting cold of snow and ice - and is sometimes seen as an idol of death despite being of Fiorre’s pantheon. There are very few festivals celebrating her as compared to the other three seasonal gods, and so Grimma is said to keep to herself, refusing interaction with mortals, giving her a cold reputation.


Occasionally feared, but often celebrated, Merria is the goddess of sacrifice and martyrs. Those who follow her believe that no true change, and no true goodness, can come without a little sacrifice. This belief is often perverted into human sacrifice for the sake of crops, or good luck, or other heinous exchanges but more often Merria's tenets are for personal sacrifices for the good of many.


The god of sleep and dreams, Thorseph is often given the task of sending messages to harbingers and others who receive word from gods in a variety of pantheons, due to this, he is often seen as a deity of all pantheons and not just of Fiorre’s.. Many pray to him or keep symbols of his visage around in order to protect against nightmares or scrying eyes, while others worship him for the power to create nightmares in others.