Orcs are savage raiders and pillagers with stooped postures, low foreheads, and piggish faces with canines that resemble tusks.

Orcs worship a mighty orc deity, viewing him as their creator. The orcs believe in ancient days, the gods gathered to divide the world among their followers. To this day, the orc wage an endless war on humans, elves, dwarves, and other folks although the orc holds a particular hate for elves.

Orcs gather in tribes that exert their dominance and satisfy their bloodlust by plundering villages, devouring or driving off roaming herds, and slaying any humanoids that stand against them. After savaging a settlement, orcs pick it clean of wealth and items usable in their own lands. They set the remains of villages and camps ablaze, then retreat whence they came, their bloodlust satisfied.

Their lust for slaughter demands that orcs dwell always within striking distance of new targets. As such, they seldom settle permanently, instead converting ruins, cavern complexes, and defeated foes' villages into fortified camps and strongholds. Orcs build only for defense, making no innovation or improvement to their lairs beyond mounting the severed body parts of their victims on spiked stockade walls or pikes jutting up from moats arid trenches.

When an existing territory is depleted of food, an orc tribe divides into roving bands that scout for choice hunting grounds. When each party returns, it brings back trophies and news of targets ripe for attack, the richest of which is chosen. The tribe then sets out en masse to carve a bloody path to its new territory. On rare occasions, a tribe's leader chooses to hold onto a particularly defensible lair for decades. The orcs of such a tribe must range far across the countryside to sate their appetites.

The powerful bodies of the orcish lend them easily towards war, and make them an intimidating figure in the landscape of Fortuna. Many wise leaders have made allies of orcs, wishing to keep them appeased and on their side, to avoid the harshest side of the orc's warhammer. Oftentimes this alliance involves the orc's being given some kind of military freedom, and other times it involves the gifting of young men and women to the orc camps as slaves.

Common Traits

The following traits can be found in several orcs , though each orc is unique, and may have any assortment of these traits.

Aggression. Orcs are filled with a natural aggression that makes it difficult for them to control their anger. When things don’t go their way, most orcs will react with extreme violence - though some have turned to monkhood to learn how best to control this anger.

Intimidating History. Because orcs have such an intimidating history and culture, their mere presence is enough to terrify most humanoids. Many orcs - even those who are not violent - use this to their advantage.

Weapon Training. Orcs raised in orcish tribes have been raised to have intimate knowledge of favored orc weapons, like the great axe, or spear.