Pantheon of Nature

The Pantheon of Nature features the Mother Deity Fayana, who is ruler over all land in Fortuna. This pantheon is dedicated to fate, and growth. These gods care for every plant and beast that crosses the surface of Fortuna, as well as all the nourishment that comes from them to support mortals. The followers of nature believe in following the ides of fate and destiny, no matter where they lead, come good or come bad.

Fayana is one of the Mother Deities, and is incredibly powerful. After her experiences with mortals, however, she grew tired of them. It is said now she merely works with plant life, druids, and beastfolk, and leaves all other mortal creations and their fates up to her pantheon of gods.


Faera is the goddess of the hunt, and is said to have been created because Fayana could no longer bless mortals to kill her - much more loved - creatures. Faera is worshipped heavily by rangers and other survivalists, and is often depicted as an archer. She demands that those who wish for her blessing treat their marks with respect, never wasting, and never taking for granted the lives lived by the beasts being killed.


Sister of Yaotu, Farilla is the patron of plants and plant-like creatures. She is the mother of Dryads and Alseides nymphs, and any other creature that is born of the earth. Her followers plant beautiful gardens and arboretums in her honour, and see that the destruction of earth for anything but survival as an act of true evil. Farilla, like Yaotu, works closely with Fayana to ensure that the plants and plant creatures of Fortuna are well-kept and protected.


Haelrin is a god who was created to rule over fey and fey-born creatures. Races such as elves or fairies, while created by Fayana, are under the rule of Haelrin - who is so in love with trickery and Enchantments, that he is oft mistaken to be a member of Miynie’s pantheon. However, he is far more in tune with nature, and works with Fayana to take magic away from mortals and create a new realm to hold it. This realm is called the feywild, and Haelrin can be found there, ruling as king. It is said that if one passes through charmed rings of mushrooms, they may find themselves transported to this mystical realm, and those mortals would be able to meet with Haelrin in person.


Jevan is one of the gods of the seasons. He represents summer, and is a nurturing god, who wishes for all on Fortuna to fulfill their purpose before their death. Jevan is worshipped by many for both his relationship to life, his care for nature and the bounty that will come of it, and his reputation for joining mortals during their summer solstice festivals. Though no appearance has been concretely confirmed, his revelry has been consistent enough to become an important part of the celebrations.


Ramuur is the god of the male sex, and holds domain over all male mortals. His power may seem immense, but his duty is often only to survey mortals and report to Fayana, and he rarely gives many blessings or interferes in any way. Still, he is a very common patron for boys entering puberty, or men wishing for fertility. He also looks after male partnerships, whether professional, familial, friendly, or romantic. He is represented in almost every fraternity in Fortuna.


Much like Ramuur, Siffa - the goddess of the female sex - does not interfere or offer many blessings. She observes women throughout the world, and reports back to Fayana. Still, she acts as a patron for girls entering puberty, and like Ramuur looks after their fertility needs. Unlike Ramuur, this is where Siffa often interferes, ensuring that women who beg her for protection from childbearing are protected. Siffa did not always act on this, but after seeing how women were used for their ability to bear children, she could not stand to watch the suffering any long. She is represented throughout sororites in Fortuna, and is the patron for female partnerships - professional, friendly, familial, or romantic.


Yaotu is the brother to Farilla. While she has domain over all plant life, he has domain over the beasts of the world. While Faera is a huntress, Yaotu is a protector. He is the force that grants the beasts of Fortuna their defenses, and any evolution seen within beasts is said to be Yaotu granting them new powers. Fayana works with Yaotu quite closely, wishing to use his expertise in the creation of Beastfolk.