Motherland, Plane of the Gods

Occasionally called the "Celestial Plane", the Motherland is an incredibly important location in all mythologies, for it is the home of the Gods, and the place where Gods are born.

Many often question that if Moann and Fayana created Fortuna, what created them? The answer, many believe, lies in the Motherland, where rumours speak of a path to other worlds, with other gods, completely unrelated to anything a mortal mind could understand.

What is known about the Motherland, however, is that it is a place where all can be seen. The Gods often look down on mortals from here, following their every step, whim, and desire. The Gods that choose to remain there, of course. Many Gods prefer to walk among mortals, and others do not walk, or watch at all. Ayniea, who remains as a tree, and Diassei, who remains captured in Ephilroa, are prime examples of these.


The Motherland is home to the deities, and their pantheons of Gods. While many Gods and Deities enjoy spending time in the material world with mortals, many yet prefer the solitude of this plane. As such, most gods detailed here can be found in the Motherland.


There are currently no active or completed storylines set in this location.