Miles Echton


Professional. This character does not let her passion, or any other person's, get in the way of their serious demeanour. To this character, most places are considered workplaces.

Scholar. This character is quite well-educated, and has a vast knowledge of many topics.


This character has no active or completed storylines - yet.


While Miles has a great appreciation for Vega Tibble; while Miles perhaps even has a love for Vega Tibble; and while Miles was born a Liesdron - he sees himself as an Artavian. He sees himself as a man of innovation, a man of great mind, and a man of great loyalty… And he has people other than Vega that he owes far more. Specifically, he has a person he owes more: Thomas Dunn, inventor of the aeroplane. The aeroplane, though, is the least of the projects Miles has worked on with Dunn.

When hearing that Miles left the aeroplane project to work on trains with Vega, many are surprised. Yes, the train is wonderful, but the aeroplane is world-changing. From a military perspective, especially. They wouldn’t be surprised knowing that Dunn asked Miles to accept Vega’s offer, asked him to go to Liesdro with her, asked him to infiltrate the ministry, and asked him to pass everything on to Thomas and the Artavian military. A small step in a large plan.

Miles, of course, would do it - is doing it. Though Vega remains important to him. Has grown important to him. Perhaps even too important to him - as his goals seem clouded now.


Full Name. Miles H. Echton

Race. Lightfoot Halfling

Sex. Male

Age. Fifty-Three

Occupation. Liesdron Minister of Transportation


Artificial. This character often puts on an act, and pretends to mean, do, or think things that are not true to their actual intents.

Eavesdropper. This character has a tendency to hide, and listen in on other's conversations. Occasionally it's accidental, but as a general rule they like to know exactly what people are saying.