Marc Drake


Scholar. This character is quite well-educated, and has a vast knowledge of many topics.

Powerful. This character has an incredibly impressive power that is unmatched by many. This might be in the ways of magic, might, or even political or financial power.


This character has no active or completed storylines - yet.


Marc Drake is well known for being the most skilled wizard in all Liesdro. Perhaps this is due to his being born a Kina - a powerfully magical race - or perhaps it is due to his hard work and study, which he has never claimed to complete, instead - despite his age - constantly taking new courses to improve his function of magic. Whatever the reason, his power and intelligence has made him an ideal representative for Arcane Policy, as he understand more deeply than others how magic can both help, and hurt people, property, and the economy.

In recent years, however, Marc has been taking less courses, doing less to keep his mind fresh, and instead spends much of his time alone in his study. You see, he was gifted a beautiful mirror by one of his friends in their will - a mirror that allows one to look into the past. Having lived so very long, and lost so many dear friends and memories to the tides of time, this mirror quickly became an obsession for Marc… And many worry that perhaps he is no longer capable of the responsibilities that come with being a Minister.


Full Name. Marc A. Drake

Race. Kina (Green)

Sex. Male

Age. Ninety-Nine

Occupation. Minister of Arcane Policy, Liesdro


Forgetful. This character often has trouble remembering things, details, items of importance, which may make some believe they are somewhat dim - but the truth is simply that they don't remember.

Nostalgic. This character prefers to live in the past, as opposed to the present. They look back on the "good ol' days" with reverence, possibly to ignorance of the present.