Malscure, the Moon's Paradise

Malscure is the most southern country in the world, leading to it being both cold, and lacking in sunlight. It is nowhere near the kinds of cold that Aissic is, however, lacking the pure ice and snow that forge the face of the northern country. Still, Malscure has a chill unmatched by Aissic: Uncertainty. The darkness of each corner, the briefest of moments of sun during the height of the day, the uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring. There is one constant in Malscure - the moons. Even when the sun shines it's brightest, the moons are ever present, looking over their kingdom with a shimmering glee.

The lack of light provided by the sun has lead to a number of instances of biolumnesence from creatures native to Malscure. Many attribute this glowing of living things to magic, giving it a strong connection to its sister nation Rielcia. Though greatly dependant on the magic emanating from its neighbor, Malscure is a force all its own. Run on a system that puts power and control above all else, this country is possible the most intimidating force on Fortuna - even moreso than the military giant of Fiamont.

Upon the birth of their nations, Malscure and Rielcia had many differences - mostly religious, all fundamental - that drove a stake between them. It did not help that the native race in Malscure, the Lamini, fed on the magical powers of Rielcia's native race, the Kina. They began to war over the small territory their countries maintained, and those battles lead to unknowable bloodshed. As the blood soaked into the lands, the moons began to go red, and the magics present in both countries began to dwindle. The fighting continued, and everyone felt as though their life was being taken from them. Blaming the effects on one another, the wars grew worse. They entreated other nations for aid, and they received them in return for resources they could not spare.

It took 600 years of warring before the magic finally disappeared. Nowhere, across all of Fortuna, had magic anymore. It was tapped dry. Some thought that perhaps Miynie had taken human form and been killed in the war. Others claimed it was a form of vengeance. Others thought that the gods had simply abandoned them. Instead, Miynie - deity of magic - and Khades - deity of the night, were making an arrangement, and creating a sacred bond. Miynie sacrificed a piece of herself to the nightsky - a sparkling that would come to be known as stars - and Khades sacrificed a piece of herself, a glass to be called the Moon Glass that Miyine would covet. It took time to come to an agreement, neither wishing to sacrifice their powers, but eventually they agreed. At that moment, Malscure and Rielcia were forever bound. One would not survive while the other floundered. The Lamini would depend on the Kina, and the Kina would depend on the Lamini. They would be one nation, divided only by a border. Malscure would offer military aid to Rielcia, and Rielcia would offer magical aid to Malscure.

A treaty between the leaders was made, and it has been kept ever since. An integral part of the treaty was the way the two nations would celebrate their bond - by sharing love and progeny. The treaty stated that each noble first-born child of either country, was to be betrothed within their first year to a noble born of the opposing country. These bonds are considered the most unbreakable in all the lands, and the bonding ceremonies that happen each year are opulent beyond imagination.

Malscure itself is ruled not by a monarch or a politician, but by the kind of person that most deeply reflects the country's reputation -- a warlord, of course. A Malscuri Warlord is the height of royalty in the country, and even foreign warlords are often treated with more respect than a country's official leaders -- sans the Supreme of Rielcia, of course.

In the last many decades, there has not been much war to fight, and the Malscuri Warlord, or Imperator, has been able to rule more properly; unfortunately in recent times, the Attonian war has drawn the ruler away from home, and into the fray itself. In these times, the country is run by a staff appointed by the ruler, while the true ruler gives word through haematurgic communication.

The ruler of Malscure holds a very tenuous position, as they can only hold their position so long as no one stronger comes to defeat them. A month prior to the annual wedding ceremonies, all Malscure-born adults (who have not yet aged to impotence) are invited to compete in a tournament, the winner of which has the opportunity to challenge the ruler to a duel that takes place the eve of the Rielcia-Malscure bondings. In most cases, the ruling warlord has no trouble defeating their would-be usurper, particularly after a month of the challenger facing tougher and tougher battles. Still, there have been a handful of situations where the standing Warlord has been defeated. Most unfortunately for the loser of the duel, they face exile upon defeat. Forced to live either in the wilds, or to move to another country. Some have chosen to kill themselves instead, which is seen to hold more honour. Unlike in these tournaments, if the ruling Warlord falls in real battle, they are given the burial of a Deity, seen to have given themselves for the sake of their country.

Currently Malscure is ruled over by one Tristan Cowell, and in fact the country has been ruled by the Cowell family for centuries now. He, however, has yet to produce a child, let alone one who has the strength to uphold the position... And as time continues to pass, it seems unlikely he will, particularly with the war in Atton raging on.

A person from Malscure is Malscuri.



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Sitting off of the western coast of Malscure in the Black Sea is the island of Ancorbe, and the third hold of Malscure. This hold is controlled by Lord Scleris, who is descended from one of the most famous warlords in Malscuri history.

Ancorbe itself is an opulent city of beautiful coloured lights and music. The only night that music can't be heard from the western beaches of the mainland is during the full moons, where the city puts out the lights and gets quiet out of respect for their deity... Though some believe that it is because many of the residents are infected with lycanthropy. There are a number of artisans in Ancorbe who design instruments, selling them across the globe to bards of all colours. In fact, some of the more unique instruments like the theremin, are inventions of Ancorbe artisan bards.

Some of the notable villages in Ancorbe are Tunbe, and Biblios. Tunbe is one of the few agricultural centres in Malscure, though they grow plants that need low levels of light, and farm mostly nocturnal creatures. Biblios is home to a large number of libraries in Malscure - though these libraries are not full of books. Instead, they hold the skulls of the dead in Malscuri. Skulls painted black, decorated by loved ones, and stored in beautiful cases in libraries of the dead. For those that wish to keep their dead closer to home, there are businesses in Biblios who retrieve bodies and treat the skulls before returning them, as a full-service available for a steep price.


The hold of Infusco is lead by Lord Aranea, the only standing female lord in Malscure. The hold lies on the border between Malscure and Rielcia, and has an intense magical aura that plainly shows its effects. From forests that change their location, to alleyways that allow no light, the depth of magic in Infusco is clear.

The city of Infusco itself sits directly on the border of Rielcia, connected to the city of Feyfire in Rielcia. Thanks to the connection, the cities are where the annual bonding ceremonies occur, along with numerous other festivals celebrating the connections between the two countries.

Notable villages in Infusco are Cobblelight, Audisia, and Aarunia. Cobblelight is most famous for the mysterious magics at play within its boundaries. Whenever the ground is touched, it lights up - so with every footstep, the ground will light. This has made it an unappealing choice for thieves and other criminals. The village makes most of its money thanks to the tourism the lighting ground attracts, and makes the rest of it by selling wands loaded with magical spells. Aarunia on the other hand is famous for someone who lived there known simply as The Spinner. Legend tells she was tormented and driven to suicide by the townspeople for a crime she was later proven innocent of. A carved tree stands in her honour at the centre of town, and many claim that the tree holds her unresting soul. Finally, Audisia sits on an island off the south of Malscure. It is most notable for the sounds that seem to lay over it like a blanket - sounds with no source - and also for the number of astounding authors that have claimed it as their birthplace. For the normal folks of Audisia, however, their lives consist of fishing.


The capital hold of Malscure, and home to the beautiful Bloodkeep - the ruler's castle. The castle is made of black marble, but it seems that when it catches the light just right, a red undertone glows ominously. It's slick turrets and horrifying gargoyles make the castle a place out of a nightmare - but inside it is beautifully opulent. The space hardly sees much use during war-time, but tours are still able to pass through and see some of the amazing sights inside, such as the royal library.

Outside of the castle itself, Malleum is a city of noble birth. The oldest of Lamini families make up the largest population in the city. Plenty of the families still utilize slaves, and many keep "voluntary" magic users in their homes for regular feedings.

Some of the notable villages within the hold of Malleum are Lamile, Rachke, and Korova. Lamile is most famous for being an Under Lamini farming village. Most of the slaves in Malleum are gathered from the youths in this town, and those that aren't spend their lives harvesting blood from the Haemarsh to survive. Rachke is a rich marshland connected to the Haemarsh that makes most of its money from harvesting rare alchemical supplies, or the potions made from them. There's some reputation for black magic and voudou in Rachke, as well. Korova on the other hand is set on the outskirts of a thick, dark forest that they say belongs "to the spiders". The people of the village refuse to enter the forest, but harvest the spider webs left near the outskirts to make spidersilk.


Black Forest

This dark, dense forest of conifers is said to be the home of giant spiders. While the spiders themselves are rarely - if ever - seen, their webs coat the lengths of all the trees, catching any creature making the mistake of entering the spider's forest.

Anyone who is familiar with the forest refuses to enter it... But on occasion a daring adventurer will cross into the depths...


The Haemarsh is an oddity of a location. It appears as any other marsh-like location might, but seems to always have trails of blood under its surface. The appearances are partly true, and partly not. While blood can be harvested from the marsh, it comes from a certain kind of water root plant, which seems to consume other creatures living in the marsh. The plant then processes the body of the creature, and distills its blood to be readily drinkable by Under Lamini.

Potter's Tree

At the centre of Aarunia village stands this gnarled, dark tree. Carved into it is the face of a woman said to have committed heinous crimes of murdering and devouring children. Legend says she was tormented by the villagers who, while unable to prove she was guilty, believed that only a witch such as her could commit such evil. Eventually, the woman committed suicide - and mere days later, evidence came forward that proved her innocence. The tree was carved in her honour, but quickly died. Still it sits in the centre of the village... With many claiming The Potter still haunts it.

Royal Library

The royal library is located in the royal stronghold, and is quite unlike any other library in the world. It does not contain books, but rather the most important deceased figures of Malscuri history.

Malscure has a rather unique way of disposing of their dead, a way that has been heavily influenced by their religion and culture over the many centuries. When a Malscure-born person (or a person who has earned Malscuri citizenship) has passed on, their body is removed from their head and sunk into the Black Sea. The head is then doused with acid to remove all skin. Once the acid has removed most of the skin (the rest is removed by devoted cleaners), the skull is beaded with black beads, and the teeth are painted with a thick black paint. Depending on the status of the deceased, the skulls are occasionally embedded with rare jewels as well.

Once the skull has been completed, it is locked inside of a box enchanted to prevent being opened, these boxes ranging from the cheap to the opulent. The boxes are then either placed in public "Libraries" of the dead (there is one in every city), or kept in the private home of the deceased's family.