Wise and bold, lightborn see themselves as the true heroes of Fortuna. Whether they are truly doing good for the world is a question to be considered by regular mortals - for the lightborn, their path is destined.

Though there are different kinds of lightborn that grace the face of Fortuna, each have something in common: They are children of many races. Any mortal in Fortuna can birth a lightborn - and lightborns themselves may not be capable of birthing a child that appears as they do. The lightborn are seen as a gift - or a curse - a creation handed down by magic, or by deities, to right a wrong in the fabric of time.

Though born of mortals, lightborn have an otherworldly quality to them. While their bodies appear the size and shape of an average human, they move with the quality of a wisp, not seeming to always be present in the material plane. Their presence is moving to many - and something that is difficult to miss - for they steal away the attentions of many with their mystical appearance.

When a mortal couple give birth to a lightborn, they often weep. Perhaps this is because the child does not feel as though it is their's, perhaps because they feel blessed to have been chosen by fate or by deities - or perhaps because they know that it is their child's fate to die for their purpose. Its a fact that everyone knows, and something that weighs on a lightborn's interactions with other mortals. There is fear in loving a lightborn, knowing that their end will be crushing. Due to this, many lightborn become solitary while growing up, awaiting the day when their path makes itself clear.

When that path finally does show itself, most lightborn do not hesitate to leave their mortal past behind in order to fulfill their purpose, finding almost all lightborn to be adventurers. Those who aren't live in denial of their purpose, and are often treated with derision by the devout.

There are three subraces of lightborn: Moon, Star, and Sun.


The moonborn are an aloof race that value freedom above all else. With skin tones ranging from silvers, yellows, and deep blues and blacks, there is something about them that defines them on a single glance. Perhaps it is the glow that comes from their eyes, or the feeling of wonder one experiences when watching them.

Many believe that Khades, deity of night, is responsible for the moonborn, and that she sends them to Fortuna to right wrongs against freedom - releasing innocent people, stopping wrongful leaders, protecting the creatures without the strength to protect themselves. When a moonborn appears in one's city, it feels like a message from the deities that they are displeased -- though some moonborn seem to protect freedom far beyond what many would see as Good, and are seen instead as being accomplice to heinous crimes.

Moonborn have darksight, and during the full moon become impressively powerful - magically, physically, and mentally.


The starborn are the favoured kind of lightborn. They have shimmering or glittering skin in beautiful tones of silver, or dark blue-black and eyes that shine bright white. Full societies have built themselves around the birth of a starborn, treating them as gods in their own right.

It is said that starborn were created when Khades and Temos, deities of Night and Cosmos, fell in love and began a desperate affair. Sriae, Khades sister, grew jealous of Temos, and refused to stop the sun from shining to prevent them from being together. Khades and Temos knew that the true victims were the people of Fortuna, burning under the heat of the sun, and they broke their partnership. The tears that they shed became the souls of future starborn, which Temos has tended over and sent to Fortuna over the course of the centuries.

Starborn have destines of love - to unite love, to support it, to ensure that love burns forever warm. They may feel drawn to certain places, certain people and couples, while others instead create their own societies that are open to all those of the right heart.

Starborn have darksight, and are also capable of reading the stars to divine answers to their questions or the future.


Quite rare throughout Fortuna, the golden-faced sunborn are a symbol of revolution. When born, it is guaranteed that their destiny will find them becoming a leader -- though no guarantees are ever made as to what kind of leader the sunborn will become. The just ruler of a hold; captain of the guard; figurehead of a cult -- there are many paths a sunborn may take.

Many believe that the sunborn were originally created from the anger Sriae felt toward her sister Khades, and her cousin Temos for their affair, and that Sriae separated her heart from these creations to prevent such hurtful mistakes from ever happening under her watch. The sunborn emulate this with their cold wisdom and lack of emotional vulnerability. It is very rare for sunborn to develop lasting, meaningful relationships with other mortals.

Sunborn have an aura of the leader, and their mere presence in the sun is often enough to make the weak-willed bow before them or wish to fight for their causes.

Common Traits

The following traits can be found in several lightborn , though each lightborn is unique, and may have any assortment of these traits.

Celestial Ancestry. Lightborn don’t require sleep, and instead meditate under their respective celestial bodies.

Celestial Guide. During meditation, most lightborn are capable of connecting into their deity’s thoughtline - or perhaps some other god or celestial being - allowing them to find their destined path more specifically.