Liesdro, Land of Bright Futures

Liesdro is well known as one of the educational centres of the world along with Artavia. While Artavia's focus is more on applicable knowledge such as physics and engineering, Liesdro focuses on enlightenment. To have your child attend a school in Liesdro makes you the envy of all other parents - either because your child is brilliant enough to earn a scholarship, or because you have the immense funds required to send them to school there. It isn't uncommon to see royal children from throughout Fortuna attending the private academies of Liesdro.

Despite not being the engineering centre that Artavia is, Liesdro still manages to be at the forefront of applicable science, having invented the first coal-powered train - and one that travels the circumferance of Acheron at that! Between their social and applicable sciences, Liesdro still has room for a thriving arts community. Painters adore the life present in Liesdro and paint beautiful murals of it's sun-dripped shores, while bards light up festivals with their happy tunes.

As there are no Kingdoms, Republics, Districts, or otherwise, Liesdro is broken into Zones. These zones allow for cities to be grouped together for infrastructure and taxation, but keeps them separate for their own municipal governings.

Some find the coat of many colours perfection that Liesdro has more pretentious than anything else, they still have an admiration for their enlightened system of government. Instead of a single ruler, whether it be a King, Dictator, or Minister, Liesdro is ruled by a council of elected representatives. Each of those representatives does not stand for a city, a district, or kingdom, instead they are in charge of a particular sector of the country's well being, and none outrank the other. All are extremely well-educated, as one cannot be considered a candidate for one of these positions without years of experience. The eleven sectors of Liesdro are:

Minister of Arcane Policy. This sector covers all magic-related laws and issues that face the government. In recent years it has been the subject of much scrutiny as the use of magic - particularly offensive and transportation based magic - has come into moral and economic question. The current minister of this sector is Marc Drake. Any person attempting to run for minister of this sector must have degrees in three separate magic studies from the Rielcian Academy of Arcane Arts as well as numerous political degrees.

Minister of Armament Rights. This sector covers the rights and laws regarding weaponry in the country. In Liesdro, there is a very specific database of approved weaponry for market and for personal use. The current minister of this sector, Rodya Fairns, runs an incredibly tight ship on that front and even has a special police force doing routine sweeps on all Liesdron cities. Any person attempting to run for minister of this sector must have experience on the Liesdron Police's weapon squadron as well as a degree in Moral Defense, and various other political degrees.

Minister of the Arts. The arts has always been an integral part of Liesdro, but in recent years many have been leaving the arts for the more scholarly and modern studies science. Single-handedly, minister Basil Greshon has kept the arts alive by funding programs with his own money and promoting large art festivals throughout the country. Any person attempting to run for minister of this sector must have a degree in Art History, various political courses and another chosen practice from a Liesdron university - though no one but a Greshon family member has held the position in over two hundred years.

Minister of Education. Thanks to the recent explosion of industry from Artavia and Dirys, education outside of combat and magic has been exploding, keeping this sector of the council busy. In the past, the Education minister would have to oversee hearing after hearing about course updates and rule changes, but with more schools popping up and more students than ever entering the schools, Proteus Khul has little time for the small things. He concentrates heavily on discipline within schools, and a scholarship program for the less fortunate. Any person attempting to run for minister of this sector must have a degree in education, various political courses and tenure at a recognized Academy.

Minister of Environment. Most people look at this position and scoff or laugh, thinking that the minister must be a tree-hugger from Niseca or that something of this sort doesn't belong in Acheron. But Johann Lock, the minister of this sector, is a very strong personality who - particularly with the push forward for coal-burning trains and home warming units - has become an activist for his work. Any person attempting to run for minister of this sector must have a degree in Environmental Safety, Animal Science, Ecology and Environmental Politics.

Minister of Finance. Looked at as one of the most important sectors, everyone keeps a close eye on what minister Sigmund Zosa chooses to do with his power. The Minister of Finance has control over taxes and where they go, and any funding the government does or doesn't give to it's various subsidiaries. Many call Zosa the most powerful man in Liesdro, and based on the favours he can pull from all of the other ministers, it would appear true. Any person attempting to run for minister of this sector must have degrees in several economic majors, several political majors and must have experience as the minister of another sector.

Minister of Health and Medicine. This sector combines many of the aspects from the Arcane Policy and Science sectors, causing it's minister to act as a middleman between the incongruous fields. This sector controls all of the hospitals and many government run pharmaceutical developers. It's minister, Aella Arahne, is well-known for visiting hospitals unexpectedly to check conditions, and it is said she has treated some patients when they were not receiving proper care. Any person attempting to run for minister of this sector must be a licensed physician, healer or cleric as well as have various political degrees.

Minister of National Defense and Foreign Affairs. This sector began with the good intentions of fostering trade and unity with other countries, and in fact it held true to that for many years. When new minister Walherich Khul (Proteus' brother) was elected, however, he promised change - and change is what he brought. He overhauled the near-useless Liesdron military and made it powerful, feared. He brought back Liesdro's strength and the people have been quite taken with him over it. Any person attempting to run for minister of this sector must have extensive education and certification in politics, history and war strategy. Walherich Khul is currently pushing for the position to force service in the military as well.

Minister of Public Safety and Justice. This sector controls not only the police force and homeland guard of Liesdro, but also the courts and legal system, making it's minister Ruiha Maytal an incredibly important member of the council. Due to her position she is also a stronger voice in any laws made for the other sectors. Any person attempting to run for minister of this sector must have extensive education and certification in law, must have practiced the law, and have military experience, as well as experience as a minister in one of the other sectors. Not many individuals are ever able to qualify, so the position is often passed on without an election.

Minister of Science and Innovation. This sector is the newest of them all, having only been introduced five years ago after a long and drawn out eight years in and out of courtrooms and offices. Vega Tibble, the minister of Science and Innovation, was also the founder of it. At the first sign of change coming from the industrial minds in Artavia and Dirys, she tried to convince her own government to take an active role in the wildly changing landscape of the world. Eventually she would succeed and now Liesdro is the third largest industrial hub in the world. The qualifications of this position have yet to be decided.

Minister of Transportation. Following on the heels of the new Science and Innovation sector, Tibble headed the charge in moving transportation out of the Arcane Policy sector. For many years other than horse and carriage, magic was the only method of distant transportation over land - until industry made it's way into the country. Tibble brought in Miles Echton, who had been involved in designing and engineering a train which would carry people without magic at a much faster and more comfortable pace than horses. Once the science sector was locked into place, Tibble had no trouble shoehorning the transportation sector in as well, with Echton as it's minister. The qualifications of the position are still in contention.

A person from Liesdro is Liesdron.


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Central Liesdro, also noted as Zone I, is the centre of everything wonderful the country has to offer. It is home to the council's headquarters, to some of their highest level academic establishments, and has the largest train station in the world, where people form all across Acheron come in order to ride the incredible high speed trains that have been released en masse by ministers Vega Tibble, Miles Echton and their team of engineers.

The capital city of Zone I is Esenden, which lies almost directly in the centre of the country. It is a place of modern beauty, with smooth and rounded architecture present on all of its buildings; and many of the buildings managing to stretch high into the sky in order to preserve space on the ground. Despite its strives towards a more futuristic vision in common with Artavia, the city still has sectors built and maintained to preserve the history of its natural location - The Plains of Plenty - which are squared off and well cared for by agricultural specialists.

Other major cities in central Liesdro are Aanswa, Franca, and Taendes. Aanswa is home to the Liesdron Academy of Fine Arts, as well as some of the most expansive art galleries in all of Fortuna. Franca is home to the Liesdron National Library, which holds an incredible collection of titles, and uses a system of registered cards and past due dates to allow citizens of Liesdro to use the library as a resource. Taendes is home of the World Stock Exchange, and has some of busiest streets in all of Fortuna, despite the lack of permanent residents.

Ministers Echton, Greshon, P. Khul, Tibble, and Zosa all make their homes in Zone 1.


Southern Liesdro, also noted as Zone 2, includes both the Southern reaches of mainland Acheron, and the islands off the coast of Liesdro. Most of the agriculture and fishing done in Liesdro take place in Zone 2, and there are farther and fewer schools between the cities here. However, there are several public schools that are free for Liesdron families to enroll their children into, allowing them to receive a basic education before they are tasked with continuing the family business.

The capital city of Zone 2 is Belema, which is set upon the southern beaches looking out to Candle Island. The beaches glisten in the sunset, giving them the nickname of the Sunset Shore. It is not only a beautiful place to live, but one that many students vacation to when they receive breaks in school. Residents of Belema are often rich, or have inherited the land from a wealthy relative. The only Sunlight League Academy in southern Liesdro is located here, which is the highest ranked school for social sciences.

Other notable cities in Zone 2 are Olypse, Raet, and Silvadore. Olypse is a magnificent piece of land noted for what appears to be snow frosting each window and blade of grass. It is said that when Fiorre was born, one foot was placed in Olypse, and the other in the Cold Oceans, in order to protect the floating mass of Vieri from Paiia's onslaught. Since that time, Olypse has been covered in a never melting snow. Raet is a much more tropical location on one of the Southern islands where an incredible variety of flowers and bushes grow in many magnificent colours. Many farmers harvest these flowers in order to turn them into paints and chalks of the most amazing shades, selling them at a high price to the best of artists. Finally, Silvadore is a port city that looks out to the Western oceans, towards the continent of Eleusa. Some say that in the perfect amount of light before the sun sets, Rielcia sparkles in the distance. It is said that this sparkling helps to infuse Silvadore with magic, allowing it to be one of the best places to learn the arcane arts - though there is no official school for it here. Instead, the magic is taught through less official channels - though many citizens of Zone 2 and other areas of Liesdro think that it is dangerous to have such a thing go unregulated.

Ministers Drake, and Lock have homes in Zone 2.


Northern Liesdro, also noted as Zone 3, is their hot spot for both industry, and military. It takes up the whole of the space along the borders of Dirys and Muerte, offering high levels of protection from Mots illegally crossing the border, or Diryn criminals attempting to pass illegal goods into Liesdro. The capital city of Zone 3 is Viamo, which acts as the central location for the Liesdro Police Force, and for the Liesdron military special forces. The city is populated only by those of the upper middle class and members of the police or military forces, as many of the upper class feel it is too rigid and "smells of steel", and many lower class who have any choice in the matter find themselves persecuted in their attempts to survive in such a city.

Other notable cities in Zone 3 are Anapoli, Limera, Magei, and Olindos. Anapoli is the centre of Liesdro's industry, playing host to numerous factories as well as the only access to its richest mountain veins. Anapoli sits on the joint border of Liesdro, Muerte, and Dirys, and thus it finds that the ranges within its own borders - and occasionally a little towards the property of the other two countries - are rich with precious ore and glass not found anywhere else in the country. Limera is one of the few artistic locales in Liesdro, being one of the best places for the theatrical arts. Many consider the musicals produced in Limera to be world-class, and that's likely proven by how many travel across the globe to see one. Finally, Magei and Olindos are both military and police cities. Olindos is a border city connected with Muerte, and protects itself readily using any means required - especially due to the political unrest in the bordering country. It's a quaint town otherwise, carved into a mountainside. Magei is a heavily guarded military city on the other hand, with high, unclimbable walls and a strict visa system for entry. It is said that if there were ever to be a security breach or terrorist threat in Liesdro, that all citizen could be safely held in Magei due to an immense underground protection system. Just outside of Magei is the Liesdron prison, where criminals are kept to live out their sentences in near isolation.

Ministers Arahne, Fairns, W. Khul, and Maytel all have homes in Zone 3.


Central Station

This train station is the centre for all Acheron rail travel. It is home to every train, and host to travelers the continent over. It's design is beautiful, with high-ceilings of glass, stained beautiful tones of jeweled amber, filling the entire building with a soft glow.

No matter where you wish to travel through Liesdro and Dirys, you shall find a train here able and ready to get you there.

River of Light

Filling a sprawling canal that reaches from the inner mountains and all the way to the southern seas, the river of light is a shimmering beacon on dim nights. The entire length of the river lacks water, which may displease those with a dying thirst, but it is a wonder to the eyes - and to the touch. This light isn't merely optical, it is completely corporeal - and there are even some species of fish who have adapted to the strange strait and swim in light, creating glistening rainbows where they pass.

Trail of Enlightenment

This hallowed trail in Northern Liesdro leads one through the dangerous wilds of the countryside. Monsters of many shapes, and challenges of the mind lay on this trail. Monks of Sriae take this path in order to attain a higher mind and open their third eye to see the truth of themselves - and the world around them. Only those of spiritual strength, or incredible bravery, would dare to travel the path alone.

Treeless Forest

This odd place isn't really a forest at all, the name instead describes how the light shines so mystically here. As if trees were made of sunbeams, and sprung their roots from the sky, this place is as if Sriae, deity of Light, gave her own opinions on what a forest should look like. Only those who pass through - animal or man - break the illusion, and even with the shadows, the place seems completely mystical.