The teal- or green-skinned lamini are an ancient and powerful race who hold many titles and positions of nobility throughout the world. They have long lives as elves and dwarfs do, and many dedicate this time to proliferating their line and ensuring that their blood keeps a legacy of power.

It is rare to find a hold in all of Fortuna lacking a lamini noble. They spread almost like a rash throughout the lands, ensuring that their racial influence is heard throughout the world. Other races occasionally worry that the lamini among them are all spies, reporting back to a single lamini overlord or council who ensures that their interests are upheld - but the more common truth of the matter is that lamini simply wish to be heard, and wish for their future generations to be taken care of.

Their desire for a legacy often leads many lamini to become staunch activists - whether it be for a social cause or a personal one. They wish to see that their children are treated as well as, or far better than, they have been, and to ensure that their line is long, fruitful, and rich.

Some lamini are less concerned with the future state of the world, and more concerned with making their long lifespan one of merriment and extravagance. These lamini may travel far more, collecting titles as if it were a hobby. They proudly display their accomplishments and are great fans of bards or writers who will happily put to parchment their stories - even if only for a price.

From their creation, lamini have been a race that lives by feeding off of others. They do not need to feed often, however the less they feed the weaker their body becomes.

High lamini are said to be the pure subrace of lamini, and feed off of magical power. Lamini of this variety surround themselves with magic - often in the form of enchanted items or places in the world with a deep-seated magic. Some will keep wizards or sorcerers nearby, hiring them as companions to ensure they have a source of power to feed from. This feeding need not have a negative affect on its subject, though a gluttonous lamini can cause dire sickness or death.

Under lamini on the other hand, require a more physical source. They feed off of blood, finding themselves sickly, weak and dying if they ignore their need. These lamini are often seen as dirty, and even monstrous in most societies. Those who wish to live among other humanoids are capable of living on a diet of animal blood, though are far more susceptible to disease - and many claim the blood tastes of oil and vinegar. Those who refuse to shutter their instinct will feed off of humanoids. Some do this through stealth, keeping their reputation intact; some through contract, hiring the poor for a source of blood; and some do it through treachery and murder, allowing their monstrous need to define them. As with the high lamini, the under do not need so much blood that they must kill their meal - but it is not seen as rare to find dead bodies with punctured necks and skin pale from loss of blood.

Old legends state that before the division of the land in Eleusia, the lamini were the rulers of Fortuna. The High Queen Trisianna Lawforge however, was a cruel woman. She developed farms full of kina, high elves, and other races with strong inherent magic, and used them as a constant source of food. She started wars in order to find suitable 'stallions' for her lineage, and was said to devour not only those fathers, but also any male children birthed from their seed. The people prayed to their many gods for help, a saviour from this evil. None responded. Not until a woman in the farms plead to the goddess of fertility, Cippha, to save the child she was carrying from being subjected to the harsh life she had been. She offered her very soul -- and the goddess come with a curse. The curse was that of infertility, that all lamini women be infertile and unable to keep the vile bloodline of their kind clean and pure.

The curse struck Trisianna most of all - as she had consumed all of her male children. Her line would be unable to continue - her legacy would die with her. When she passed, the lands rejoiced and the many races joined together to prevent another lamini from taking the crown. The continent of Eleusia by that time was divided into Malscure and Rielcia.

To this day, female lamini are infertile. This has lead to many families secretly murdering their female children, and female lamini in general becoming extremely rare. Those female lamini who live past childhood often marry into poor lamini families and adopt children fathered by their husbands as if they were their own. Male lamini on their other hand, are incredibly fertile and their genes are quite dominant, leading to their children almost always displaying the qualities of lamini heritage. Still, this curse has caused the genetics of lamini to split into the two distinct subraces.

While lamini names are kept quite simple, it is the mass of titles that accompany those names that most lamini take pride in. Many lamini will solely go by those titles and their family name, using a personal name solely for use in more intimate relationships.

There are two subraces of Lamini: High Lamini, and Under Lamini.

High Lamini

The high lamini are said to be borne of purely magical blood, and require a lamini to bond with either a magical race such as a kina, or someone touched by magic - like a sorcerer, or warlock.

In order to survive, high lamini must feed off of magic. This can be done by surrounding themselves with enchanted items, living in areas with magical landscapes, or keeping magical persons nearby.

High lamini have pale teal or green skin and eyes either dark and black, or matching their skin tone. Their hair is almost always dark in colour, though some deviations have been seen.

Under Lamini

The under lamini appear to be borne of non-magical blood, the mixing of a lamini and a nonmagical creature like a human or dwarf. Some rather think that under lamini are born of cursed blood - somehow connected to the curse of The High Queen Trisianna Lawforge.

For survival, these lamini must feed off of blood, as they lack the mystical ability to absorb their victim's power through magic. Many choose to simply devour animals and other monstrous or beastly creatures - but the taste is horrid, and so many would prefer to dine on humanoids.

Under lamini have the teal and green tones of the high lamini, but often darker or greyer in tone. Their eyes are often red, though some are blessed with the camouflage of black or green eyes. Under lamini hair seems to be inherited from the mother race, and is very inconsistent.

Common Traits

The following traits can be found in several lamini , though each lamini is unique, and may have any assortment of these traits.

Enthralling Gaze. Many lamini have been found to have a strange ability to enthrall those around them, charming them with some kind of inherent enchantment magic. Lamini have used this power to convince others to give them power or blood, or simply to get away with criminality.

The Hunger. Lamini do not need food or drink, and most “real” food is said to taste like dust. Instead, lamini feed off of others. The high lamini feed off of magic, and the under lamini feed off of blood. They need only feed once a week - or less - but the longer they go without feeding the weaker they become.