Kina are an ancient race of magical being, created from the raw power of the Great Deity Miyine to live in her image. All Kina have an inborne magic and remain in touch with the Great Deity for all their lives, unless they choose a heretical path that opposes them to her whims.

The Kina are an extremely pale race, with skin stark white and translucent. Their true colouration is made of the magic beneath the skin, the magic that runs through their veins. The colour seems to determine the kind of magic that a Kina has a natural affinity towards. Evocation is red, Enchantment green, Conjuration yellow, Transmutation blue, Illusion orange, Divination white, Abjuration purple, and Necromancy black.

From birth, Kina are split into groups based on their skin - or magic - colour. These groups are then taught magic from an early age, to ensure that they become the best of their classes. It is rare that Kina allow for study of multiple magics, but for those rich enough to pay the fees, or for those who show talent beyond compare, they may be taught multiple schools.

Beyond the education that is given in kina communities, many groups have created magical academies for members of other races to come and learn. These academies are incredibly expensive, though there are Seekers who travel the world looking for undiscovered talents to enlist in their alma mater. Having a kina school on your resume is almost certain to get you a job as a court wizard.

Kina are not born in a way like other humanoid races, and are in fact not mammalian at all. They are born completely of magic. When two kina work to build a deep connection between one another, they create a wisp of new magic from what was once nothing. It is said this is Miyinie blessing their love. The wisp must then be taken care of for several years, protected from corruption. As the months pass, it will glow many different colours, showing the magical potential it has. When it finally holds a colour for several consecutive months, it will form into a humanoid shape at the touch of one or both of its parents, and then form into a full kina.

Due to this special form of breeding, kina cannot breed with other races unless their magic is incredibly strong. It is believed that without worship of Miynie that even then it is still impossible, so many couples made of kina and another race remain childless and choose to adopt.

Most often, kina children are named for their birth magic, or a spell that its parents share, though in the kina language. These names can be very long and elaborate, so when interacting with other races kina choose to shorten the names to something simpler.

Common Traits

The following traits can be found in several kina , though each kina is unique, and may have any assortment of these traits.

Light as a Feather. Because a kina has no organs, muscles or blood - in the classic sense - they are extremely light. This can have many benefits, but it also makes them quite weak in a physical sense.

Magical Ancestry. Every kina is born of a specific school of magic, and their inner magic shines through their skin and shows it quite easily. Being made of magic, kina do not require food, drink, or sleep - though they can enjoy any of these things as a form of pleasure. Instead, kina require magic. They must be surrounded by magic energies, or else they will begin to feel weak. This is why most kina never move away from Rielcia, as the very soil is rich in magic and makes them quite strong.