Johann Lock


Scholar. This character is quite well-educated, and has a vast knowledge of many topics.

Bold. This character is daring, courageous, willing to do things or say things that others may shy away from.


This character has no active or completed storylines - yet.


While most view the position of the Environment Minister to be a laughing stock, much like many view the Arts Minister, Johann Lock has brought a seriousness to the placement that cannot be denied. With a large scholarly background in science, and in fact a team of researchers working in his department, his word is taken as serious by many - and with the advent of coal-burning trains and home warming units causing large environmental effects, he has been extremely active in advocating for a reversion to cleaner, if less efficient, technologies. Sadly, this has given him a negative image to the common man - and the rich man - who all see these new technologies as more affordable, efficient, and completely life-changing.

Still, Johann pushes his views. Though he believes these technologies should be reversed outright, he puts forth legislation for restriction on them, and has poured much of the funds in this department into conservation efforts, and research into cleaner technologies. This has put Johann and Vega Tibble in close quarters as he forces her to look at the negative effects of the innovations she flaunts… And some believe that the many late night meetings between the two have been less than work-related.


Full Name. Johann B. Lock

Race. Wood Elf

Sex. Male

Age. Eighty Three

Occupation. Liesdron Minister of the Environment


Rebellious. This character has views that conflict with those of the society around them, which may lead them to chafe with their peers. Their views may not be bad or evil, but their vocal expression of these views causes rifts with family and friends, or puts them in dangerous situations.

Idealistic. This character believes in a specific world-view to a fault, letting their ideals drive them down paths of both good and evil.