Ilithiya Fenn


Full Name. Ilithiya Fenn

Race. Wood Elf

Sex. Female

Age. Forty Six

Occupation. Junior Inspector in the Nisequois Peace Corps


Empathetic. This character relates deeply to others in a way that may reflect their own experiences, or perhaps just show their enlightenment. While they may not always allow their empathy to control their actions, it is certain that they have a true understanding.

Adventurous. This character has a desire for adventure, and a wild spirit always yearning to be free. They are almost always willing to try new things - even if they might seem a bit dangerous.


Traumatized. This character went through some kind of defining trauma that still affects them to this day.

Naive. This character will believe almost anything told to them, so long as it is told somewhat convincingly. This may lead to broken hearts or broken bones along the way, but sometimes you have to have faith.


Ilithiya firmly believes her life only began when she met Feofil Peti. She had gone through life with a drug-addled family in Jolette, trying her best to be more than them, more than her past, and when they signed her up for the peacekeeping corps, she knew she’d be stuck -- until her training officer was determined to be Feofil Peti. She had read about him. About his time with a terrorist group, about how he changed it all. He made change seem possible. Plausible, even. Her time spent being trained by him was the best she had ever had, he was like a father to her,, and it opened her eyes to her goals, her dreams. To explore.

When a group of explorers from Rielcia and Niseca were looking for experienced travelers and warriors to brave a journey to the unseen corner of the world, she knew her dream could be realized. She signed up without hesitation... Before realizing that her contract with the peacekeepers would not allow her to be a free agent, would not allow her to go on this 'worthless' expedition. She mentioned her lost dream in her correspondence with Feofil Peti, now retired in Boiss, and what he sent back to her changed everything. It was a seemingly endless letter at first. Parchment that continued to unravel as she opened it. The letter spoke of many things, of many creatures and people and even trees who had dreams; who let them die, who fought for them. It inspired her.

Over the next month, Ilithiya fought. She worked to get the peacekeepers directly involved with the expedition. Convinced them it was a worthy investment. It took everything she had, and finally a letter of recommendation from Feofil himself, but they finally allowed it. She signed up, and as the preparation for the expedition continued, the news became bigger. Rielcia and Niseca working together so publicly. The publicity was intoxicating, it made the journey sound like one of a lifetime, and soon even the heads of the peacekeeping organization wished to join. And join they did.

But return they didn't.

Whether new to the corps, or the leader of it, no one from Niseca came back with the ship. Only one man returned, a Rielcian. He told brutal stories of the land there, how they needed to go and conquer it. No one questioned him, they merely wept for lost loved ones. The only one to speak a word against him was a ragged girl, who had come to shore in Fiamont on a horribly makeshift raft. It took months of recovery before she had the capability to speak, and even when she could, she would only say she wanted to go to Boiss. When they finally let her, she appeared at Feofil Peti's door, shocking him. She was dead, but here she was.

She explained to him what had happened in the new land. How the savages had attacked, but once captured, how the leaders of the peacekeeping corps had shown them they meant no harm. The natives trusted the Nisequois people… But the Rielcians destroyed that trust. They attacked, slaughtered so many. How one Rielcian man, a man named Nathaniel Kitai, seemed to be making sure everyone died before getting back to the boat -- How he tried to kill her. How she needed his help to save everyone.

They both returned to the corps, her name and where she had been for so long enough pull to get their side of the story top headlines; his name and standing enough to get him a stand-in position at the top of the corps. It wouldn't be long before the two would set sail for the new land, where they would do their best to defend what little morality they could find there. And they would do it together.

12.31.16. Ilithiya has been shown to put on an extremely kind and trusting front to those she may be unsure about. However, it has also been shown that she has extreme doubts... And has even considered slipping others truth-telling potions in order to find out what is truly going on.

It has been established that Ilithiya is a talented Abjuration mage.