Gabriel Gadreel


Full Name. Gabriel G. Gadreel

Race. Human

Sex. Male

Age. Forty-Four

Occupation. Acharya of Veveiria, Vieri


Self-Hating. There is something about this character that they hate about themselves. Perhaps it is their own appearance, their nationality, ancestry, or even their own race. Whatever it is, it can be seen to drive their actions - for good or for worse.

Lonely. This character, for whatever reason, has been left alone for far too long. They find themselves hollow, empty, because they simply don't have anyone truly close to them.


At a young age - ten years old at the most - Gabriel Gadreel received what he would later label “The Call”. His family was visiting the monks of Veveiria like many families do to pay their respects, and Gabriel heard his name coming from the forests. He would tell his parents, who would brush him off - as they usually did; he would tell his siblings, who would make fun of him - as they usually did; and when he would tell the monks, they would smile and say that “words on the wind hold wisdom from the gods” - as they usually did. It was this that drove Gabriel to escape into the night and enter The Acharya’s Jungle.

His experience there is not often well-described or spoken of, but one thing is certain - it was long, and no one anticipated they would ever find him again - alive or otherwise. He spent four years in that jungle, passing every trial it would throw at him and coping with what the jungle could tell him about himself… The coping was the hard part. There was something about Gabriel that he had not yet accepted in himself, and something he knew his family had observed and most certainly hated in him -- the jungle knew it. The jungle wished for him to understand who he was.

Despite surviving the jungle and being celebrated for it - no one that young, that untrained, that unprepared had ever survived - Gabriel knew he had not succeeded. Still, when they told him he would be Acharya - that he was Special - he couldn’t refuse. Even now, he knows he hasn’t succeeded. That part of him that the jungle wished to show -- he would not accept it. He would rendezvous with his lovers in secret, fall in love -- but never reveal the truth of who he was to anyone else. His lovers would understand, it had been hard for them, of course. But the patience would eventually wear thin after months or years and at one time even a decade of understanding, because it would be clear to them: Gabriel would never admit his love for man, choosing instead to act as a truly noble monk without mortal desires. He would continue to lie, and he would continue to fail the jungle’s test and live in hollow loneliness.


Observant. This character has a perceptive nature that allows them to notice, and possibly understand, things that others simply wouldn't, and don't.

Dutiful. This character has a strong sense of duty, or loyalty. Whether that duty is given by a friend, family member, employer, or the Gods, this character will uphold their duty as if their life depended upon it.