Gwenessa Fabelle


Rebellious. This character has views that conflict with those of the society around them, which may lead them to chafe with their peers. Their views may not be bad or evil, but their vocal expression of these views causes rifts with family and friends, or puts them in dangerous situations.

Anti-Social. This character isn't a fan of most people. They may have some close friends or allies that they cherish, but in general they prefer their alone time.


One of the only girl-children in all the Fabelle family line to not have their first child before 20 years of age, Gwenessa still has yet to choose a steer or get pregnant. As far as she is concerned, she shall never have a child. If she did eventually change her mind, she would prefer a boychild: so that his life could be free of such horrid duties as her’s.

Gwenessa and Gwenella took their schooling together, and while Gwenella enjoyed a life of freedom and choosing her own “steers”, Gwenessa preferred no steer at all. The life of royalty was dull to her, and the life of royalty steeped in such religion was even worse. After completing her schooling, in fact, Gwenessa has since moved out of the palace in an attempt to start her own life. Royal Guards still follow her wherever she goes, but she knows that eventually she’ll be able to break out and start her own life: even if it means her mother has to die for it to happen.


Full Name. Gwenessa A. Fabelle

Race. Aasimar

Sex. Female

Age. Twenty-Three

Occupation. Princess of Aurcaele; Reporter


Scholar. This character is quite well-educated, and has a vast knowledge of many topics.

Bold. This character is daring, courageous, willing to do things or say things that others may shy away from.


This character has no active or completed storylines - yet.