Gwenella Fabelle


Naive. This character will believe almost anything told to them, so long as it is told somewhat convincingly. This may lead to broken hearts or broken bones along the way, but sometimes you have to have faith.

Disobeidient. This character doesn't take well to orders, and in fact may even go out of their way to disobey them.


Gwenella is the definition of “hopeless romantic” and sees less worth in the duty of raising future Queens, and more worth in exploring the ides of love. Since her late teen years, she spent much of her time in the various cities throughout all Fortuna, travelling for schooling. In each of these places, she would always find some handsome boy or man to fall in love with. Three of these romances ended in children - all girls, none of them viable for being Queen, as none were fathered by Steers. Gwenella could care less, however, as she does not love a single steer she has met - and without love, carrying a child would be meaningless.

Disappointingly to her mother, Gwenella is firm in this choice to only have the children of those she loves. While Queen Fabelle seeks to find a worthy potential Steed that her daughter could love, that daughter is travelling the world attending every academy she is permitted entry to.


Full Name. Gwenella A. Fabelle

Race. Aasimar

Sex. Female

Age. Twenty-Three

Occupation. Princess of Aurcaele


Hopeless Romantic. This character has beautiful ideas of what love is, and often finds themselves blinded by love, or falling more deeply - and more quickly - in love than most.

Scholar. This character is quite well-educated, and has a vast knowledge of many topics.


This character has no active or completed storylines - yet.