Gwendolen Fabelle


Beautiful. This character's physical appearance is unmatched. They are incredibly beautiful to look at - though looks may occasionally be deceiving.

Pious. This character is extremely dedicated to their religion, and uses it to enact Good in the world.


This character has no active or completed storylines - yet.


Gwendolen is the eldest of Queen Fabelle’s Aasimar children, a child bred purely of her and one of the official steers. She is also said to be the most beautiful of Queen Fabelle’s daughters, which makes her highly desired by steers wishing to leave a strong legacy. This attraction is helped along by the blessings she appears to have been given by Ayniea for her piety - which has made her incredibly fertile. She has in fact birthed the most children of all Queen Fabelle’s children, with eight girls and two boys -- but only two remain alive.

Through freak accidents, illnesses, and other similar tragedies, all but one of Gwendolen’s girl children and her eldest boys have all died. Rumours are abound for the cause - but Gwendolen has only one cause she can see. She believes that Gwenllian, the sister her mother calls a demon, is just that - and has been murdering her children. Due to this, Gwendolen has had to improvise. She has pushed her youngest boy to sexually transition so that he can count as one of her girlchildren - though the laws are unclear and many other sisters (including Gwenllian) are fighting the entry of the nonbiological girl. Her only living female child, only a year old, goes with her everywhere. Gwendolen does not let the child out of her sight, and no one but her is permitted within five feet of the child.


Full Name. Gwendolen A. Fabelle

Race. Aasimar

Sex. Female

Age. Twenty-Six

Occupation. Princess of Aurcaele


Over-Protective. This character has something, or someone, that they care about deeply. So deeply, in fact, that if anything were to happen to it, or them, this character could find themselves broken.

Depressed. Whether this character has dealt with heavy traumas that have caused their depression, or they have a neurological problem, they are very rarely seen to be in moods of joy, and are more often stuck in feelings of numbness, hopelessness, and pain.