Feofil Peti


Full Name. Feofil G. Peti

Race. Human

Sex. Male

Age. Forty-Three

Occupation. General Inspector of the Nisequois Peace Corps


Rebellious. This character has views that conflict with those of the society around them, which may lead them to chafe with their peers. Their views may not be bad or evil, but their vocal expression of these views causes rifts with family and friends, or puts them in dangerous situations.

Pacifist. This character has hang-ups about violence, and inflicting pain on others that prevent them from fighting for any reason other than self-defense.


Feofil started off his years in Perce, wondering why trees were being cut down. He knew the facts: That the trees here were barren and were not subject to the same laws as others. But he did not understand why being barren meant you were as good as dead. Surely such an ideal could not apply to a man or animal. He hated the idea of them being removed before they could live their life, make their statement, grow their highest. So when he became a teenager, he joined a violent activist group from Jolette that was against the lumber industry.

The group fought hard. Compromised every value they held dear and every one they didn't even realize they had. The older Feofil got and the closer to the centre of the organization he was, the more he realized they were doing no good. Not only were they making no change in the lumber industry, but they were killing to do it. Good people, people with families, dead at the hands of those touting to preserve life.. By his early twenties, he was sick of it. The Nisequois Peacekeepers could tell, and made contact with him, offering him a way out without any jail-time. Get them the evidence they needed to prosecute all notable members of the organization - and everything they needed to shut it down.

Feofil did as they asked and over the next five years, he worked under-cover for them. He became one of the highest ranking members in the activist group in the name of justice, and when the group was taken down, he became the highest ranking name on each and every one of their hit-lists. He wasn't scared. He knew he had done right, and he would be able to live or die knowing that.

He received a medal of honour for his hard work, and subsequently earned himself a place in the peacekeeping corps. He worked with them for eleven years, even training a few promising newcomers, before he decided to retire into a quiet life in Boiss, where he reclined for five years... Then there was an incident. The peacekeeping crew in Atton never returned from their voyage with the Rielcians, and now they were scrambling. They begged Feofil to return, but he refused, wishing to keep his life simple and quiet. They continued to beg and Feofil continued to refuse until finally Ilithiya - one of the young people he had trained - came herself and related to him that she had returned from that voyage. And that there were people in Atton. Before they came. People that the news wasn't talking about. That no one was talking about. People that other armies were going to kill if Feofil didn't help.

He immediately agreed.

12.31.16. It has been established that Feofil had become a dilettante in his retirement. He took on numerous hobbies, and did not succeed at most.

It has also been established that Feofil is an expert conjurer, who holds the impressive ability to create semi-permanent doorways to other locations within Fortuna.

03.02.17. Feofil crafted the Broken Temple Treaty, which has begun the Attonian War on a path to peace. Thus far Niseca, Vieri, Aurcaele, and Atton have signed the treaty.


Wise. This character has an impressive wisdom to them. This may make them seem somewhat eccentric to some, or incredibly intelligent to others. They seem to always have words of guidance to provide, or a perceptive sense of the world around them.

Conscientious. This character has a deep moral compass defining to them what is right and wrong, and it pushes them firmly into the direction of what is right, leading to them staying in the lane of morality.