Fiamont, Land of Restless Volcanoes

The extremely mountainous region of Fiamont is mostly unlivable. It's face is decorated by jagged peaks and smoking, active volcanoes. Those who manage to live anywhere in this country are tough - strengthened by heat, harsh lands, and war. They also end up quite well-off financially, a fine trade-off for the deadly landscape.

Fiamont is broken into two Kingdoms, one ruled by a patriarchy, the other by a matriarchy - but they are not entirely separate. In fact, the King and Queen are tied by marriage, and the first-born of their union becomes the true future ruler of Fiamont. The heir will take the throne when either the King or Queen dies, and their spouse must take the other - making political marriage incredibly important, and inbreeding in the family tree rather common.

During the reign of a Fianese King and Queen, the two rendevous once per year in the Winter Palace - a beautiful, and mostly empty - locale at the Northern peak of Fiamont. This allows them to copulate for breeding purposes, but the act is seen as contractual, as opposed to loving. Any male children are sent to live with the King a year after a birth, while the female children remain with their mother, the Queen. Some have noted how this affects the children socially over time, but other's deny the fact, claiming the Queen is "basically a man, anyways".

The current leaders of Fiamont are heiress Adesola Meixner and her husband Elric Cornish-Meixner. The Queen selected him in a magnificent courting festival following the death of her father, and married him only a week later in a fanciful public wedding.

Due to Fiamont being ruled essentially by one family, it's national plans are united, allowing for an incredibly strong international force in the form of its military. It is considered the top army in the world - mostly because it hasn't yet lost a war that it has participated in.

Despite the seeming unity to international eyes, unrest brews in the tribal regions of Fiamont, where citizens refuse to follow the law set forth by the King and Queen in favour of their own traditions.

A person from Fiamont is Fianese.


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The Kingdom of Hyeres is ruled by the King of Fiamont, who sits in his castle on the equator, over a moat of steam rapids. Surrounding the royal city of Hyeres is a thick range of mountains named Castle Range, which act as a natural protector for the place. In fact, the only way to reach Hyeres outside of royal passages, is to fly.

The Kingdom is currently controlled by Elric Cornish-Meixner, Adesola Meixner's chosen husband, and a man with a highly jealous streak. This jealousy has played out for the worse of his Kingdom. It is said he uses the Kingdom's taxes to finance personal assassins and investigators, not content to let Adesola rule without a watchful eye. His concerns often seem more with the Kingdom of Padova and Adesola, than with the Kingdom of Hyeres, which has begun to fall into immense disrepair.

Hyeres is home to many of the more religious hotspots of Fiamont. From Banser, the locale said to be the birthplace of deity Paiia, to Ceraom, the place said to have been destroyed by Paiia's attack on mortals a millenia ago. These places make little in the way of tradeable goods, and instead act as tourist locations. Thankfully Hyeres is also home to the cities of Crytan, Tekany, and Ranir. Crytan, where Fianese fisheries are set upon the southern sea; Tekany, where some of the finest weapons in all of Fortuna are crafted; and Ranir, where daring beast masters train dragons to be ridden by man.


The Kingdom of Padova is marked by a striking red-stone castle in the centre of a spiralling metropolis. The royal city is in fact one of the biggest cities in all of the world, let alone in Fiamont. It is filled to the brim with entertainers, merchants, traders, and families of every sort living out their lives in the eyes of the Queen. It is said to be a very fortunate place to live, for part of the raising of the female children in the royal family is to treat their subjects as gods for a time, so the people here receive bounties unheard of for most citizens. This doesn't last long, though the month it occurs is celebrated by massive festivals that give thanks to the deity Paiia, and to the Queen and her royal daughters.

Adesola is said to rule in silence, having fired most of her advisors and other staff. Those who have been granted an audience with her have noted her to be cold in personality - but to truly care about the future of her land and citizens. Many see her as the greatest Queen to rule Fiamont, others worry that she is bringing the land to ruin through her inability to control her husband.

Many cities in Padova are centres of production. From mining, to farming, and even to world-renowned baking, these cities offer much of Fiamont's taxed resources and trade stock. It is also home to two military cities - Risar and Worrt. Risar holds the training facilities for Fiamont's finest warriors, while Worrt is a city full of homes granted to those who have provided their service. Those awarded with life in Worrt will never have to work another day in their lives, and their families will be taken care of for generations to come. The city is also fully stocked with persons assigned to help with the trauma caused by a war - a new addition granted by Queen Adesola, which has improved quality of life substantially.

Paiia's Shame

An incredible tourist location located near the city of Ceraom, the Forest of Flame is a spectacle of magic and nature. The entire forest is filled with char-black trees still rich with fruit, in an expanse that must have once been a lush mountain forest. Upon every single tree and bush, along with their bearings, a magical flame that no amount of air, water, or magic could ever extinguish.

It is said that when Paiia sent a rain of fire down on Vieri as an act of war against her sister Veira, she fell asleep. While asleep, her hand was moved and set upon her own lands, instead. The fire continued to rain down onto the surface of Fiamont until the screams of her mortals woke Paiia from her slumber. She cried in shame and attempted to save her people, but the damage was too great. With help from her sisters Veira and Fiorre, the fires were put out - save for this single stretch of forest, left alight to remind Paiia to control her anger.

Steam Rapids

A favourite for youths in Fiamont are the steam rapids, located on the rocky central mountains. The rapids are as one might expect - rough, rocky, and dangerous - but the heat of the mountain cores here boil and evaporate the water, making the crevices full of steam instead of raging currents. The water here is aplenty, however, making the steam impressively thick. By using a specially designed board, daredevils can ride down the rapids at high speeds - a favoured pastime for many youths.

Temple of the Red Flame

The main temple for deity Paiia, patron of Fiamont. Located in Banser, this temple is highly guarded and it is nearly impossible to get inside. In fact, the only people allowed in are those approved by the King, Queen, or high-ranking monks, and those who pass the tests of Paiia. Once inside however, one will see that it is probably the most beautiful and extravagant of all the temples in all the lands.

The walls are made of a black obsidian, with accents made of beautiful blown glass. The statue of Paiia that stands in the centre is made of gold; with obsidian, glass and rubies making up her beautiful bonds of fire. A pit beneath the statue bubbles with intense heat, roiling lava at the base of it - where offerings to Paiia are to be placed.

Veteran's Memorial

Located on the outskirts of Worrt, this memorial stands to recognize the valiant efforts of any Fianese warrior who fought for their country. The land is covered in geysers, with each being dedicated to a different veteran. Though it would seem one might run out of geysers, the militant mages ensure that more are driven into the ground as needed. Many statues and plaques also cover the land here.