Feywild, Land of Waking Dreams

Those who have never visited the Feywild may think one of two things of the place. The first, is that it is a completely made-up world, the object of fairy tales, an imaginary land that has no place in reality. The second, is that it is the Dreamworld, the place where you go as you sleep, where anything is possible.

Neither is quite correct.

In fact, the Feywild is a real place, and it is an expansive land full of any and every possibility that can be imagined. It is also the birthplace of fairies, the homeworld of the elves, and a place of safety for beastfolk. It is ruled by Haelrin, god of the Fey, and it is a place that most non-fey creatures will never see. However... There are some with enough desperation who will see the place in their dreams. In those dreams, they will be able to control all around them. The scientists in Fortuna would dismiss this, simply giving them the name 'lucid dreamers'. The truth is that the Feywild is calling to those people, for some reason or another. And if they listen... They are certain to find a fairy circle to bring them into its woods.

The Feywild is a tricky place for mortals. All of the creatures within it excel in Enchantments, and they all resist the same. They will attempt to trick, and to charm, begging its visitors to stay, showing them a clever, fantastic world. When they decided to stay however, and they have bound themselves to the world - everything changes. The seductress becomes a mean old hag, the charming King becomes a slaveowner, the happy woods crush ribs with their branches... As soon as the decision is made, however... There is no turning back. For once you have consumed the food of the Feywild, you are bound. If you gorge on a magnificent feast, you may be looking at the rest of your life in the wild. If it is merely the seed of a pomegranate, perhaps one month... But a month, is still a dangerous sentence.

Time moves differently in the Feywild. A single day in the Feywild is seven in the material world - meaning a month could be close to a year. Imagine two pomegranate seeds, or three...


Many fey creatures can be found in the feywild, with the most notable being Fairies. In the feywild, fairies appear to be of normal mortal size, and they populate every corner of this world. In fact, beyond populating it, fairies are born with special duties that are meant specifically to act in service to the feywild.

The ruler of this world is Haelrin, who is the God of the Feywild. He is a fickle master, and spends much of his time playing tricks on mortals who stumble into the wild. In fact, he keeps many mortals as pets, playing games with them to win their souls for many years.


There are currently no active or completed storylines set in this location.