Emine Viviana

Art by shetrix @ DeviantArt


Full Name. Emine L. Viviana

Race. Tide Elf

Sex. Female

Age. Sixty-Five

Occupation. Fleet Admiral of the Sumish Military


Ambitious. This character has impressive goals and things they wish to achieve in life, and will work hard to ensure those goals are achieved no matter what.

Athletic. This character has a defined athleticism. They may be extremely strong, fast, or skilled in some other physical way.


Racist. This character has an extreme racial prejudice that drives them to making bad, or even evil, decisions.

Jealous. This character holds a deep-seated jealousy that drives them. This may be an all encompassing jealousy that colours much of their interactions, or a very specific jealousy centered on one object, person, role, or other thing of note.


Having lost her mother at an early age, Emine's only active role model was her father, her grandmother being completely focused on her duty as Lady of Adelie. Benjamin Viviana was a strong man, the kind who would refuse to cry, the kind who believed that fighting for his beliefs and his country were the most important things in his life - right after his daughter, of course. Emine emulated this early in her life, showing great interest in the history of Submiere, in Moann and in military strategy. It became her dream in life to bring the Sumish military back to life - much to the dismay of her anti-war grandmother.

To do so, she knew that she would first have to be the ideal soldier. She worked her hardest, became fit and toned with muscle, practiced magic day in and out, she was the strongest and arguably smartest in her academy… But she didn’t have the money, the support - she had nothing but her strength to start an army… And what she needed was charisma. So, she turned to the Sumish Sea Peacekeepers Brigade. A glorified police force run by a man who had no pride in his country's history, in the efforts of the men and women who had died in it's forces -- she hated Markus Woodrow, but believed that with his help, perhaps she could bring the military back.

He agreed to meet with her after many months of needling, and seemed interested in her plans. He told her that his intent, after scrubbing the sea free of pirates, he had wished to expand his forces to police in other countries. He told her that with them working together, they could create a powerful military force that would make both of their dreams come true. He told her that she would pretend she had never met him, and that she would apply for the royal guard in order to gain the sultan’s trust.

And so she did. She started at the bottom, but was quick to work her way up with a fine display of loyalty and strength. It was around this time that her aging father fell in love with a beautiful young mermaid. Or, as Emine saw her, a Siren temptress. A woman who stole her father away, who corrupted him. Suddenly all her father would talk about were all of the horrible things that the country had done to merfolk, how their history was besmirched by racism and death. How he was ashamed of his own ancestry… He no longer had the pride that Emine had envied in him for so long.

Emine was devastated. She buried herself in work. Became the cream of the royal guard crop and even became the Sultan's own personal guard. And when the Sultan grew ill, most of the younger guards prepared themselves to fight for the throne. Many expected that in this most recent crowning Emine was sure to compete to become Sultana, and she was planning to, but her father's new wife was pregnant. She tried her best to concentrate on work, to not allow her jealously to infect her bid for Sultana, but the day the Sultan died, her new half-sister Seppina was born. The way her father looked at the baby, looked at his wife, had Emine incensed. What about her mother? What about her? She had done everything right.

Except, she thought, she hadn't been in the military. Emine decided that must have been it, and realized she was wasting time. While the country concentrated on the fight for the throne, Emine turned to Woodrow to push him into action. It was time for him to hold up his end of the deal - fund her army. He agreed.

She had been working on it for nearly ten years when news of the new world - Atton - reached her country's ears. She got the information earlier thanks to her placement on the royal guard, and knew that it was time. She put together a proposal and brought it to Sultan Midas and his Advisor, Kellen Appius - who showed her favour thanks to her half-sister being a mermaid. They approved, on Kellen's condition that when her sister became of legal age, she would be her second, and be very publically involved. Emine hated it, but she needed to do it. For herself and for her father, so she accepted.

Over the next several years she made the Sumish military a threatening force allied with equally strong forces in Fiamont and Aissic. She made the military the only one in the world with a force made entirely of volunteers and showed the world what they had to deal with. She had finally done it. She was not only in the military, but their leader. She went to her father, to tell him of her triumphs, and found him to be broken. He was old, forgetful. He hadn't even seen Emine in years and it seemed his memory of her had disappeared like that of his first wife. He seemed to hardly know even the old siren temptress who was dying just as quickly by his side. But Seppina. His beautiful, flawless daughter. She, as all mermaids, had aged much faster than Emine could understand and had become a young woman. She brought a light into his eye that only Emine noticed, the sight of which destroyed her inside. He passed away with that being the final memory left in Emine's mind. Leaving her with nothing but a military she would be forced to share with her nemesis, her half-sister, Seppina.

Perhaps she could make another deal with Lord Woodrow.