Erik the Sharp-Eyed


Full Name. Erik the Sharp-Eyed

Race. Beastfolk Avian (Falcon)

Sex. Male

Age. Thirty-Eight

Occupation. Leader of Felana;
Leader of the Vier Peacekeeping Force


Secretive. This character has something worth keeping secret, and works in such mysterious ways that none are sure exactly what that secret could be.

Guilty. This character feels incredibly guilty about something, whether it was their fault or not. This guilt weighs on them heavily and often influences their decision-making.


Before - though not long before - Erik became leader of Felana, and leader of the Vier Peacekeeping Forces, he was a soldier. Not in the peacekeeping forces, not in Vieri at all. He worked and lived in the mountains of Fiamont with other Avian falcons like him, and like his brothers, sisters, father, mother, and friends all did, he joined the Fianese army. It was simply what one did.

He was a skilled soldier, impressive even. Acacius Balfour himself even commented on Erik’s skill, and told Erik that one day he might even lead his own battalion. This thought made young Erik swell with pride, and it became his goal: until the day he achieved it. He was tasked with a leading a force of other Avian who were to infiltrate and destroy a refugee house in Morrinas, Vieri. The house was taking in refugees from Aissic, who Fiamont was warring with at the time - and the King and Queen at the time were not pleased with Vieri’s interference.

His team succeeded with aplomb, of course - Erik was a talent, after all - but Erik was never the same. Seeing the faces of the people they killed, not just the refugees, but the people who tried to stop them. It was different when you were taking the orders rather than giving them, and he felt responsible for each of the deaths -- he also felt responsible for Fiamont’s take-over of the region where the house was… And so he would make it up to them.

He immediately resigned his post and moved to Vieri, hiding his true identity the best he could. He conscripted with the Vieri Peacekeeping Forces, hoping they would not look into his history deeply enough to discover his lies - and they didn’t. He began working harder than ever in a way to redeem himself, he worked so hard in fact, that he found himself being elevated to the position of leader. Leader of Felana. Leader of the Vier Forces. It was a shock to him - but he supposed it would make it all the better to redeem himself, especially as the Attonian War began. His forces would need to work incredibly hard to defend Vieri and the Attonian people -- and maybe, just maybe, he could earn his new country a bit of Atton to make up for his past conquering… Most importantly, he would keep his secret until the time he could prove how changed he was.

12.31.16. It has been established that while Erik works for peace, he is not ready to trust anyone else who comes asking for it. His distrust is well placed on occasion... But the blindness of his distrust leads to him being seen as overly cautious.

03.02.17 Erik's peacekeepers were attacked by a rogue force of Attonian soldiers. It did not seem to stop him from signing in favour of the Broken Temple Treaty for peace... Though he does not seem to have settled yet.


Natural Talent. This character has an impressive natural talent that puts them above and beyond their peers.

Natural Leader. This character has something about them that just says "leader". It is easy to become convinced one should follow this character, and orders given by this character hold a certain gravitas.