Elsewhere, the Inbetween

The Elsewhere is sometimes referred to as a "Pocket Dimension", while others call it "The Inbetween" (in reference to how it's whole existence seems to lie "Inbetween" all of the other planes of existence), and still others refer to it as the "Dreamworld". The Elsewhere is the place where teleporters temporarily find themselves while teleporting - not that they would notice. It's the place where objects are magically stored for long journeys. It's also said to be the place that restless spirits dwell. Most of all: It is a place that cannot be lived by any mortal, outside of when they are dreaming.

Some sorcerers have attempted to enter this dimension, to live in it. The result has always been the same: Death, or in one shining case: Corruption. The corruption of that mortal, since believed to have died, lead to them becoming some kind of monster-mortal hybrid, driven by a need to kill, hideous and deformed.


While many theorize that restless spirits take home in the Elsewhere, and that perhaps when Ajatars travel through shadows they are truly within this Inbetween - the truth is that none of it has been proven. For all that is known, the Elsewhere is a place void of life...


There are currently no active or completed storylines set in this location.