The Elemental Planes

There are four elemental planes in the universe, each more difficult to survive in than the next.

The Plane of Water is a world that is endless water, with no surface, and no land. The water is not charmed like that of Moann's waters in Submiere, and it is full of the most terrifying of beasts one could ever encounter in Fortuna, or otherwise. It is said that when Moann created the Merfolk, and did not immediately bring them to Fortuna, that she had instead placed them in the Plane of Water, where they eventually found a path to Fortuna that lead them to Tuigard. Many believe that you can still access this Plane by travelling through a portal in Tuigard, but only the merfolk know for sure.

The Plane of Earth is built of subterreanean tunnels of dirt, rock, ore, and endless roots. The creatures here are fearsome, and have adapted well to the pitch-black world that is the Plane of Earth. The only source of water seems to come from the roots of trees that extend into the tunnels, but these are a treasured commodity, and are a danger to go near because of the beasts that live in the rocks. Shardmind are said to be borne of this place, at a point where the walls of the tunnels connect with the mountains of Fortuna, it is said the Shardmind awaken.

The Plane of Air is a land of wind, clouds, and terrifying tornados, where there is no land, no water, only emptiness. The skies are full of incredible, sky-dwelling creatures, and it is certain that only creatures with some kind of flight could survive in a place like this... For even if you would never crash land, the endless falling would certainly kill you, and in fact, those who have survived visits here have told of bones and teeth falling from the sky - dead mortals who decomposed in an endless fall.

The Plane of Fire is the most volatile and dangerous, and is not only full of lava, fire, and explosions - it is also home to electricity. This has made it a dream location of those who farm electricity for airships - and has thus lead to the many deaths of greedy entrepreneurs. In truth, outside of certain monstrous creatures, and the elementals who call this land home, it has yet to be proven that the Plane of Fire can be survived by any mortal being.


The elemental planes are populated by only the most highly constituted creatures. In lands of pure fire, lands of endless waters, subterranean expanses, or worlds with no land or sea at all, it can be extremely difficult to survive. In fact, there are only a sparse few mortals who have visited these planes and lived to tell the tale. Those who did, came back severely injured, and most died soon after.

No, the elemental planes are home to creatures known simply as Elementals. They are beasts seemingly created as excess while Fayana and Moann created the world, and they are ever curious. They roam through many planes, seeking something to satiate their wonder.


There are currently no active or completed storylines set in this location.