Creatures who walk the lands of the dead, who crave to cause trouble in the mortal world, demons are evil tricksters through the through. While they are born in Ephilroa, the Underworld, their true purpose can only be served by finding a way out, and into the land of mortals, where they will wreck havoc.

A demon is formed by the dark magic of a fiend, or when a black soul has suffered a full century in the underworld. The chaos and pain that fills the soul of a demon make them a truly dark creature - with very little capability for goodness.

Not always physically powerful, demons are almost always clever with tongues cloaked in silver, allowing them to spew honeyed words to convince others to do their bidding. Conspiracy theorists would have you believe that demons have the ears of Kings, religious leaders, and warlords -- they would be right.

There are two kinds of demons: Borne, and Forged.

Demon Borne

Demon Borne are created by dastardly fiends in Ephilroa, much to the distaste and disapproval of Streike. The fiends craft these demons, and then send them out in the material world - replacing infants in wombs - with a specific goal to achieve. Perhaps the formation of a cult to bring about their own return to the mortal world, perhaps to assassinate a peaceful regent, or perhaps something greater still.

Borne demons look like whichever race they are born to (most typically humans), though there is something inherently strange about them. Sometimes it's their offputting eyes, or their strange cadence. The true mark of a demon, however, is the symbol of their fiend progenitor, found somewhere on their body.

As a borne demon grows older, they become able to learn about their true purpose in the world, and their true progenitor. With this newfound identity, they access the power of their true form, which allows them to transform freely into a form better resembling their progenitor.


Forged demons were once mortals who lived lives of evil. They committed atrocities so heinous, that their souls were blackened. Upon death, it was easy to see that the black soul required eternal punishment - a fate worse than any that could be imagined. Such torture occasionally serves to incubate the evil in a partcularly strong, hardened soul, turning a mortal into a demon capable of possessing the bodies of others.

Forged demons do not have a material form, and instead infect the living with their presence, taking control of them. They may look, sound, and have the powers of the soul they possess, but their intents are darker than any living being could imagine.

Forged demons use the force of their personality and strength of soul to inhabit the bodies of others, and must constantly fight to retain control of those who they have infected. Due to this, it is common for forged demons to possess children, or the infirm. Those of greater power are capable of controlling normal adults -- though only the most powerful of demons can manage to control powerful souls.

Common Traits

The following traits can be found in several demons, though each demon is unique, and may have any assortment of these traits.

Darksight. With eyes used to the hellish underworld, most demons are capable of seeing in the dark.

Sense of Evil. Demons are capable of sensing evil intentions in those around them, and often take great glee in encouraging that evil to flourish, or using it to their advantage.

Touch of Sin. Some demons are capable of communicating sins like a disease through a simple touch. Most represent only one - perhaps the urge to steal, or a carnal hunger - though some may have the capability to inflict other dark desires.