Pantheon of Craft

The Pantheon of Craft is represented by Temos, Deity of the Stars. The stars represent curiosity, and so this pantheon values learning and understanding above all. Some followers of this pantheon ensure that knowledge is gathered and shared in libraries and universities, some promote the practical knowledge of engineering and invention, while others may hoard information for themselves. Followers of these gods study esoteric lore, collect old tomes, delve into the secret places of the earth, and learn all they can.

The gods in Temos' pantheon were created when she burst apart in thousands of stars, at the behest of Sriae. Each of them holds their own constellation in the night sky, along with powers over this pantheon.


Finisged is the God of Contracts. He often represents truth, promises, and oaths, and is shown as a an owl in the night sky. He is a god who took on the most serious aspects of Temos, and requires his followers to maintain their word - for good or for bad. Many contracts are stamped with the symbol of two quills entwining at their ends to look like an owl soaring in the night sky - this is to ask Finisged to bless the arrangement.


Kutsal is the god of the written word, and is favored by scholars, and authors who love to read or create their own tomes and novels. Often see as the brother of Finisged, Kutsal is the less serious of the two. He does not require the things written under his name to be fact, he simply requires them to be interesting. Libraries throughout the world hold the symbol of his fox-like visage on their doors, wishing for him to bless and protect their collections.


The Goddess of Scholars is Leiliandra, who is represented as an otter in the constellations. Leiliandra celebrates questions far more than answers, and can often be seen as the giver of curious thoughts. She blesses those who choose to think twice, or question the world around them. She is said to often walk the land of mortals, divulging secrets to them in order to lead them down paths of investigation. She is entertained by the mortal ability to overcome, succeed, and think, and many detectives choose to say prayers to her when struggling with cases.


The little evil that Temos contained held itself together as she exploded into millions of stars. This evil became M’tell, who is a hoarder of knowledge. He is often called the “all-knowing” and does all he can to learn knew things. He believes knowledge belongs in the hands of only those who deserve it, and his followers execute his will by hoarding away important tomes and relics. This allows for M’tell to hold knowledge as a powerful bargaining chip above mortals who he wishes to see do his bidding. In the night sky, one can see his visage as a crow.


While most inventors find themselves above worship of gods, seeing themselves as equally powerful, you would find few who have never uttered a single prayer to Penrrion. He is the patron for engineers and inventors, and his constellation appears as a school of salmon climbing a waterfall. He is said by the more devout to be the birthplace of inventive thought, the mind that controls mortals as tools to allow them to better the world around them. The less devout say that the god - should he exist - simply acts as a way to open the doors to invention, not as the creator of the doors themselves.

Sema Isi

Sema Isi is the part of Temos that has always been patient, who sat in the sky for ages before being noticed by a single other deity. Sema Isi encourages passivity, being the Goddess of Patience, and her followers apply her will through acts of pacifism. Many who follow her believe that the world is capable of controlling itself, and that one should focus only on one’s own development. Many prisoners take up the worship of Sema Isi as a form of meditation, as she preaches the adoption of hobbies to pass the time and to better one’s self. In the night sky, she is represented as a beautiful swan.