The Four Continents


Positioned in the eastern seas, Acheron is a large continent known for their spurring of the industrialization movement.
A person from the continent of Acheron is called an Acheronite.

Dirys Liesdro Muerte


The most central of the continents, Aebrynis is said to be where all life on Fortuna was begun.
A person from the continent of Aebrynis is called an Aebrysian.

Aissic Fiamont Niseca Submiere


Less of a continent, and more of an alignment of three nations, Celestia is defined by it's floating countries. Vieri, under the clouds, Aurcaele above the clouds, and Artavia in the atmosphere.
A person from one of these three lands is known as a Celestian.

Artavia Aurcaele Vieri


The heart of magic in the world of Fortuna, it is said that without the treaty of peace between the countries that make up Eleusia, magic would cease to work in ways intended by the deities. More recently, a third country has been discovered to the west of Eleusia, driving claims that it is a third country of the continent - though many disagree, and wish to claim the territory for their own.
A person from the continent of Eleusia is known as an Eleusian.

Atton Malscure Rielcia

Other Planes

While the material world is all that seems to exist before the eyes of Fortuna's natives... There are other places, other realms, just out of reach.

Elemental Planes Elsewhere

Ephilroa Feywild Motherland