Basil Greshon


Imaginative. This character has a vast imagination, and may even get lost in their own thoughts from time to time. They are incredibly creative, and can often think of strange solutions to the most mundane of problems.

Wise. This character has an impressive wisdom to them. This may make them seem somewhat eccentric to some, or incredibly intelligent to others. They seem to always have words of guidance to provide, or a perceptive sense of the world around them.


This character has no active or completed storylines - yet.


When Liesdro first move their current political system, the arts were seen as the central offering of the country. Not only did their goddess stand for artists, but her most famed legend had her standing shoulder to shoulder with them. Artists were praised, and asked to fill the streets and halls with every art they could muster. Now, is quite a bit different from then. In Liesdro today, money holds the power, without money there is no funding for anything let alone the arts -- and really, who do the arts help?

The Greshon family have always believed in the power of art, with a long line of artists and luminaries marking their family tree. In fact it was Greshon’s mother who pushed the value of art for mental health, and kept the minister position alive long enough for Basil to take over it’s seat. It seems that with every minister, they are given a requirement to find a “use” for art - it can’t simply be, it must perform a function, otherwise - what’s the point? For Basil, his attention has been drawn to the poor in Liesdro.

Art is something accessible to all, according to Basil, but creating art is not. Supplies are expensive, and if his mother was so correct about art’s presence affecting mental health - would not the creation of art be even more beneficial? This is his project - currently funded out of his own pocket, since Sigmund Zosa refuses to help. He goes to the most downtrodden, poorest areas of the country with art supplies for artists of all ages, and asks them to create murals on the sides of buildings to not only brighten up their cities, but also as a form of therapy for them. The results have yet to be released, but what is known is that the middle- and upper- class dislike it, seeing the “art” as nothing more than graffiti.


Full Name. Basil D. E. Greshon

Race. Dune Elf

Sex. Male

Age. Seventy-Six

Occupation. Minister of the Arts, Liesdro


Desperate. This character is running out of options, or perhaps there is an enormous amount of pressure that lays upon their shoulders. No matter the reason, they are - or are getting - desperate for a solution.

Dilettante. This character is a bit of a layperson, with only a cursory knowledge of things - though they may like to act as though they have an expansive knowledge of things.