Arya Westwind


Wise. This character has an impressive wisdom to them. This may make them seem somewhat eccentric to some, or incredibly intelligent to others. They seem to always have words of guidance to provide, or a perceptive sense of the world around them.

Charitable. This character is notably generous, and always seems willing to give to those in need.



Elder Westwind has lived a long, and full life - and one that is nearing it’s end. While she is well-known for her acts of goodness, wisdom, and charity, she has spent that long life holding onto many secrets - but no more.

All goodness comes with actions that one may be ashamed of, and she has many. She wishes to show the world that one can be a good - even great - person, and still commit acts of sin, and that those acts do not define a person. To do so, she is writing her memoirs, chronicling her entire life - or at least as much as she can remember, and has the journals for. While it seems like a brilliant idea, and many are quite excited to access these stories, others are less sure. Those who have worked with Westwind on less scrupulous deals, or their descendants, are furious. She not only wishes to tarnish her reputation - she’s bringing other’s with her. To most, this is unacceptable, which makes both her, and any ghost-writer she could hire, a target for evil deeds. Another reason she approaches this plan with wisdom… She does not have only one ghost-writer, she has hired several. And each of them is secret from the public, and each of them is only receiving a small piece of her story.

Still, despite the secrecy and well-laid plans, several authors have turned up missing or dead over the last year. It seems that perhaps these memoirs contain interesting, and important enough information that anyone with a quill is a potential target.


Full Name. Eliza P. Edroit

Race. Auran Embodiment

Sex. Female

Age. One Hundred and Six

Occupation. Elder of Morrinas, Vieri


Honest-to-a-Fault. This character is almost incapable of keeping secrets, and feels a deep need to tell the truth no matter what it may do or who it may hurt.

Short-Sighted. This character does not greatly understand the potential consequences of their actions, or at least prefers to focus on the perceived benefits of them instead.