Atton, Brewing Storms of Contempt

There have been many attempts to discover Atton throughout history, though all have been failures. The storms that brew above the landmass, and surround its waters, make it difficult to get to. Most seafaring vessels can't fight their way past the tumultuous waters, and skyships find themselves struck by lightning. However: Finally, in the Warrior's Flail of 5144, a ship made land.

This ship bore mostly Eleusian sailors, lead by Captain Nathaniel Kitai. There were some others on board, Nisequois peacekeepers most notably. The only person to come back was Kitai, who spoke of the dangers of the land -- but also of the riches it contained. Lightning, an endless supply of it. Both a magical, and material power source.

With their return, and Eleusia's interest in the country for historical reasons, peace across Fortuna -- which had been a delicate prospect at best -- shattered, leaving the world wartorn over the land and resources that could be found in Atton. All would fight over it... All, including the native people who call Atton their birthland.

According to carvings translated by so-called experts on Atton's culture, the Atton natives worship a male deity of storms, a deity who protected their land for thousands of years from the rest of Fortuna by sinking any ship that came too close. According to these pieces of art and scripture, an Atton chieftain became obsessed with himself and declared himself God in place of this deity. He called for every shred of evidence of the true deity’s existence to be destroyed, for it was he that was Atton’s true God. This angered their deity, who, to punish the Atton natives, exhausted itself with horrific storms that wrecked havoc on his people... When the deity expended his power, he required rest, and the storms dropped - allowing for travelers from Fortuna to finally make land.

In the last eight years, the country has become filled with warriors from every nation, building structures, ploughing down forests, turning temples to rubble. The natives have gone into hiding, occupying the mountains to the south of the nation, while the invaders push on all sides.

A person from Atton is called an Attonian by the rest of the world. However, the people of Atton refer to themselves as Attonja.

Points of Interest

Broken Temple Fort

The Broken Temple Fort is an old Attonian temple, nearly a decade since its destruction by the self-obssessed Chief.

As the peacekeepers from both Niseca and Vieri desired to leave little impact of their time in Atton, aside from the removal of other outside forces, they selected the temple itself as their base of operations. The rest of the Peacekeepers thread throughout temporary campsites, other abandoned buildings, and caves.

The temple was once dedicated to the worship of the Attonian deity of storms and freedom.

Currently, the peacekeepers have been working on restoring the temple. They have patched the stone where they can, and have rebuilt using wooden support structures in an attempt to recreate what the temple may have once been.

A number of Nisequoir or Vier soldiers may be found here, along with General Inspector Feofil Peti, his Junior Inspector Ilithiya Fenn, and the Leader of the Vier Peacekeeping Force, Erik the Sharp-Eyed.

Fort Coveflame

The massive fort known as Coveflame is a creation of heated metal and stone, an impenetrable fortress with no doors or windows. Coveflame covers a larger area than any other fort in Atton, and even manages to be larger than most Attonian villages. The breadth of this creation was made possible by magic, though it is red hot science that has made it so resistant to outside influence.

Coveflame is accessed by a number of underground tunnels, all of which are trapped, and well-patrolled. It is said that one must dive through the lightning lakes, and crawl through the shocking underbelly of the static fields in order to break through an underwater temple and reach a single one of the entrances to Coveflame. Even magic is a prevented method of getting inside, unless you know the exact pathway, as the conjurers who have attempted infiltration have found themselves gone mad, or their brain turned to hot pudding for their efforts.

Within Coveflame is a well-oiled machine of military routine, smithing, and artificing. Organized by Acacius Balfour himself, it ought to be the best of the best.

Coveflame was created, and is occupied by the Fiamont-Submiere alliance. Among the soldiers (majority of whom are Fianese), one might be able to locate Warlord Acacius Balfour, his ally Admiral Emine Viviana, or her Vice-Admiral Seppina Viviana, the latter of whom tends to swim the underwater temple pathway to Coveflame.

Fort Fabelle

Constructed in honour of the Aurcaeli Queen Gwenyth Fabelle and her legendary ancestry, Fort Fabelle acts as the base of operations for the Aurcaeli forces in Atton. Fort Fabelle is taller than it is wide, though not quite a freestanding tower.

The base of Fort Fabelle is large, and fortified with stone, iron, and covered in thorned bramble of a type that grows only in Aurcaele. The level of Fabelle decrease in coverage, almost like a massive and blocky pyramid, until forty feet up it straightens into an impressive tower spire that looks like it may have been taken from Queen Fabelle's castle itself.

The bramble used to deter invasion has become invasive in its own right, spreading through the nearby forest and making it easy for Aurcaele to lay claim to the miles of thick woods in the centre of the country.

Not far from the Fort is a small, gated site covered in small saplings. The freshly planted trees are the Aurcaeli soldiers who have fallen in Aurcaele, whose ashes were interred with the seeds and sprouts of willow trees from Aurcaele. The saplings seem to have a bark that is more blackened than normal, however, as if they had been burned. This is a mystery that certain dendrologists have been sent to study.

Dependant on when you visit Fort Fabelle, you may be able to see Warlord Pelagia Xista in her chambers at the top of the tower. Alternatively, and more likely, you may come across her second in command, Ashlin Driel.

Fort Giakohs

Hidden in the marshy east of Atton, behind the swamp vapours and the magical concealment of fog, Fort Giakohs is an expansive fort that has little permanent impact on Atton itself, as most of its pieces, parcels and walls are Conjured by magic from Protera, in Rielcia.

The illusory fog that surrounds Fort Giakohs makes it impossible to find by those who do not already know where it is, thanks to Tristan Cowell's mastery over the magic. While there are other, smaller forts that the Eleusian maintain throughout Atton, none are so well-protected as Giakohs.

While the buildings themselves are in the electist style of Rielcia, the interior is designed with Cowell's illusions and Malscuri sense of style -- gothic revival. The inside of the fort's buildings are done to lavish extent with the extreme use of magic, turning plain wooden-slat beds into beautiful constructions of oak and iron and silk.

This beautiful, and high-comfort design is consistent in all but the wet, and mouldy underground which is built into several prisons in which to keep enemy soldiers. The area was decorated by a traditional Malscuri warhound, with the facility plunged into near permanent darkness but for a single candle in each cell, which must be tended to vigilantly due to the dripping water from above.

Though he spends most of his time navigating through Atton, one may find Gilles the Stormbringer within Giakohs' borders. More likely than the Rielcian leader is the presence of Imperator Tristan Cowell, who does not seem to leave often.

Mount Acheron Fort

Structured into the valley of a southern Attonian mountain range, Mount Acheron is supremely well fortified. Surrounded on three sides by a skyreaching mountain range, the Dirys and Liesdro alignment did not leave their safety only for Eset (demideity of mountains) to determine. Instead, they carved a deep moat before their first stone barricade, which has easily filled with the heavy rainfall of the country to surround their weakpoints.

The Acheronites have also carved a river to the end of a hill, forcing the excess water to flow down into the valley -- and into Artavia's territory. It seems the Acheronites have been working on a dam structure for the end of the hill as well, as a possible form of attack on Artavia.

At the eastern edge of the fort where the stone building is carved directly into the face of the mountain the Diryn forces have set up a mine in order to take advantage of the large number of electrum ores within the peaks. The electrum is mostly shipped back out to Acheron, though some of it remains to be used in Atton.

Occupying the fort are the two leaders of the Dirys and Liesdron forces who, while they are more often found at the tops of the mountains or marching with soldiers through Atton, may be found by those who gain entrance. Leader Adelaida Delice and her Second-in-Command Zira Haddaway are most always found together, whilst Captain Romulus Dimitar seems to make rounds with as many different Acheronites - and even Attonians - as he can.


Unlike every other foreign headquarter in Atton, the Skyfort is not well-hidden, nor is it well protected. Instead - it is simply a marvel of design, and nearly impossible to access.

The Skyfort sits in the middle of an open field, unfettered by mountains or trees, a massive protrustion of metal scraping the sky. At least two-thousand feet from base to tip, it can be seen from a great distance. There are no doors or windows within the first thousand feet of the Skyfort, making it inaccessible - particularly with the impressively high-grade metal the outer walls are made of. The first entrance is a kind of metal dock, which leads to a stairway into the lower half of the fort. Just above it, a second metal dock leading in and upwards. A third dock is nearly at the very top of the creation, and is said to be where only the highest ranking officers enter, for pure security.

While the Skyfort looks terrifyingly dangerous, it is actually very safe. The metal used by the crafters who built the tower resists electricity, creating an aura of calm that reaches out nearly twenty feet around the tower. The skyships that come into Skyfort ought to hold the same dangers, as no other invaders has been able to get a skyship past the lightning. Artavian inventors, however, were able to create something of a mechanical, active lightning rod which instead allows for the Attonian atmosphere to act as a source of fuel for these massive ships.

Skyfort is, of course, an Artavian creation and home to their foreign forces within Atton. It is said to contain, at the highest level, dangerous and world-shattering weapons. It also contains the General of the Artavian Military, Adria Tiira.

Tribal Lands

Though once the tribal lands of the Attonian people were spread across the entire country, now they have been pushed farther and farther into the less hospitable south of the country. There, it is mountains full of dangerous beasts, and slippery cliffsides which grow even slicker with each rainfall.

At the farthest south, the rain is freezing sleet which stings and gives frostbite.

There are three major locations that the Attonian people occupy in this southern region.

The Attonja Village, where most of the civilians are hiding. This village has not been discovered by any foreign forces yet, keeping them safe from outsiders.

The Attonja Overlook, where some of the strongest warriors work to protect the coast - and the Attonja village - from invaders attempting to sail or travel the outskirts. Many a ship has been sunk out this way.

The Attonja Camp is the last of them, where most of the warriors keep camp and go to be treated for injuries sustained in the battles taking place just north of them. This is the most temporary of these settlements, and often moves to better protect its inhabitants.

It is said that a fourth Attonja hold is positioned within the Cradle of Storms in the eastern swamps... Though one cannot be certain.


Cradle of Storms / Sa Thutoxas

One of the most dangerous regions of Atton, the Cradle of Storms exists in the wet marshlands along the east coast whic writhe with electricity from not only the air - but the ground. No individual or group - of foreigners, that is - has been able to cross through the centre of the Cradle without turning back, or falling to the dangers within.

It is rumoured that there is an Attonja village within the cradle, referred to by the natives as Sa Thutoxas, though its existence hasn't been confirmed. Instead, most deny the possibility, noting how deadly the marshes can be during a storm - and how much more deadly the Cradle is in comparison.

The God Tree / Jaosi S'na

The God Tree is not just one location, but hundreds of locations spread across Atton. These trees are large, and each looks like it has been struck by a massive lightning strike. The trees are charcoal in colour, and the bark is irreparably damaged... And yet, the God Trees live. They are full of electricity that can be seen jumping through their branches, and should be considered quite dangerous due to how volatile they are, especially during storms.

Most notably, however, these trees are an extremely powerful source of electricity, and act almost like a rechargeable battery, making them a valuable resource. The trees are a religious icon to the people of Atton, who believe that the trees are deeply connected to their God of Storms.

Oqa Vaum

The ice-capped southern mountain range of Atton is known by natives as Oqa Vaum, and the highest peaks of which are said to bring one the closest to the Storm God as one can become. This appears to hold true with nature, as the lightning storms that brew over Atton always seem to have a strong presence over the tops of these peaks, leaving them charred despite their sheer surfaces.

To climb the Oqa Vaum would be a death sentence, but it is a pilgrimage that the Attonja people have honoured before. If one were to climb the right paths, they may find small stone stacks, destroyed wooden structures, or other remnants of ancestors who climbed these peaks in the past.

Sea Ports of Atton

There are five wooden ports that have been constructed by invaders over the northern coast of the country, which are all controlled by different forces.

The west-most port is controlled by Aurcaele, which is now being shared by the Niseca-Vieri Peacekeepers, due to the recent treaty.

The two most northern ports are both controlled by the Fiamont-Submiere alliance, which does permit the Peacekeepers use as well, due to the Aebryn Accord. The third most northern port belong to the Acheronite people. The final port is to the farthest east and grants access, by canoe or rowboat, to the swamps of eastern Atton - this port is controlled by Eleusia.

There are some smaller ports around the coast of Atton which are beyond rougher waters, for those daring and desperate enough to use them.


Native Attonja know of the Tredquba, which is an island cave off the southeastern coast of Atton, at the base of a massive waterfall. The cave's entrance is accessible only through the water, which is swarming with electric eels. It is said that the cave itself houses the oldest Jaosi S'na - or God Tree.