Adria Tiira

Art by Kirill Repin @ ArtStation


Full Name. Adria Tiira

Race. Moonborn

Sex. Female

Age. Thirty-Seven

Occupation. General of the Artavian Military


Observant. This character has a perceptive nature that allows them to notice, and possibly understand, things that others simply wouldn't, and don't.

Fearless. This character seems to be completely beyond fear. Even in life-threatening situations they keep a shockingly cool head about themselves, and that usually works to aid them in those situations.


Quiet. This character does not often have much to say, preferring to listen. Many consider this to be standoffish at first experience, though that may not be the intent.

Arrogant. This character can often let their ego get ahead of them in social situations or otherwise.


Adria Tiira’s parents would always ensure that she would become a great success. It was the one thing they had always wanted, and when they discovered they could not conceive a child, they thought the dream over… But it wasn’t. They had just enough money for an experimental new procedure that could help them bring a child into the world. Just one child. They couldn’t mess it up. And so Adria became their sole focus, and so Adria became saddled with enumerable pressures to be perfect.

So she would be.

When she was just five, she found herself being put into false situations - tests. Her life was never in danger during them, but the first time she was standing high atop a tall building she felt herself shake and heard herself cry. She didn’t know back then what she knows now - virtual reality is not reality, and what happens here is only to help you overcome fear, and think creatively. When she realized she was safe, suddenly the world was open to her.

When she joined the army at seventeen, she kept her head down. She knew her parents’ goal was for her to achieve, to rise in the ranks -- but she knew from her own research that the best way to achieve here, was to silently prove yourself. Those clamouring for attention were simply seen as too dim, dull, or desperate for true success. Her plan paid off, and only a few years into her time in the military she was approached to take a test.

The test began at the top of a sky-scraping building in District II. Her cohorts became fearful. Adria did not - she had overcome fear long ago. They were told they would need to scale the building, enter from the windows, avoid detection, and retrieve an item. Adria didn’t hesitate to begin makeshifting her own way to travel down the side of the building - they were given no equipment - and was well on her way before the others even settled their own stomachs.

The rest of the test had her encountering vile guard animals that she dealt with swiftly, hallways patrolled by buff men with large guns that she avoided with ease, and codes for door after door that were broken with a calm mind and observational skill. She finished in record time - only one other competitor had finished at all. When the scene melted away and it was shown they were in a virtual reality, Adria merely smiled. She had known, after all, that she had never been in any danger.

She was accepted, and assigned a special operation. The group she was with was to break into the library in Storisina, and extract information regarding the technology that had not yet been made, and who in the world was destined to make it. With that information, they were certain they could gather all of these future inventors, and ensure that whatever they made would be for Artavia alone.

The mission, of course, was a failure. While they had managed to get inside of the library, their intel on the combative aptitude of the blind custodians had been wrong. Between them, and the Peacekeepers outside, almost every one of the operatives had been killed or captured. The ones that were captured killed themselves - except one, who lost his chance and endured torture without ever saying a word. Adria alone managed to escape - perhaps because of her training, or perhaps because she would leave the rest behind to save herself. She remains the only person to ever view - with seeing eyes - the inside of the library, though no one without clearance knows as much.

After this, she was awarded several commendations, and in a few years she was announced to be the new General of the Artavian Military. While she wages war in Atton to gain her country the heavily electric resources, she has only one real goal: to access that library, with or without permission.