Artavia, The View of the Stars

A part of Celestia - the alignment of the floating masses - and the country of highest altitude, Artavia touches the very tops of the skies. While the sun shines in view, the stars are ever visible, leading to this being known by names such as Land of Stars, or Home of Stars.

The air in Artavia is thin, meaning that many who live here are either well adapted to the lesser amounts of oxygen by anatomy, or use some form of magic or engineered device to survive in the harsh atmosphere. Races native to Artavia tend to be well suited, and thrive with ease while other races may struggle.

Artavia's population is centralized in a small part of the region, making it seem like an extremely small country despite its vast size. This is due to how dangerous its most outer reaches are considered. The area that is populated, is made up of five districts. Each contains a range of cities that are considered one for the sake of economics, though each could not be more different from the other. All districts are walled, allowing for security to ensure that no one is moving freely without the proper paperwork.

Between each city are heavily patrolled roads for safe and efficient travel - though there are unexplored paths of alien plants and rocks that are accessible by anyone, they are not recommended for those who wish to survive. Each city is host to teleportation services offered by wizards as a way to travel to various cities with ease - and even to other countries! - but the lines tend to be long and without a ticket one can never be sure to travel quickly.

The wilds of Artavia are unlike any other on the surface of Fortuna, and still hold little in common with the other countries of Celestia. The flora and fauna have mutated to appreciate the glow of stars and the moons, and have adapted to the lack of typical nutrients offered by the harsh terrain. Most of the stone can be found in shades of blue, red, or purple, while the plants grow wildly different from one another. Some are bright pink with spots, using Nitrogen to breathe; others are of a blue tinge with green dimples, still holding to the little oxygen present.

Artavia is lead by a single elected Minister, who must have years of experience in legal matters - something considered extremely important to their system. The minister is in charge of both foreign and domestic affairs, as well as the application of law on a national scale - but it is the elected leader of each district that is responsible for the well-being and representation of their own people. These leaders are called Advocates.

A person from Artavia is Artavian.


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District I: Altuena

The district of Altuena acts of the centre of Artavia. It marks where the country began, where it grew from, and continues to be a bustling tourist hotspot. The cities in this district feature famed Artavian academies, the home to the Minister of Artavia, and numerous other attractions.

The district is formed as a circle, and the buildings at its outermost reaches have a protected status in Artavia, being seen as landmarks. The deeper you go into the district, the more modern everything appears, whereas the farther out you go, the more you can see how the buildings were once structured. Now, the outer reaches are falling apart, and tend to be home to the poorer members of Artavian society.

This district is home to the capital city of Artavia, also known as Altuena, which features the central ministry, a museum of time capsules, and the massive Academy of Science. The other cities of the district cover many of the other schools available, temporary housing for students, research facilities, and some power generating facilities and cities towards it’s outer, ghettoized reaches.

At its most urban is the city of Tarvos, which has a deep culture of street art and underground space surfing. The weight of police presence is noticeably different in Altuena than it is in Tarvos: in Altuena the police are few and far between, in plain clothes, and are father friendly; in Tarvos, the police are in the citizen’s faces, are violent, and wear rigid uniforms that separate them from their people.

District II: Cerenes

Cerenes is the smallest district, in both size and population. However, it is world-renowned as a choice destination for the rich, and otherwise well-to-do. During the off-season, this district is filled with unoccupied homes - leading to a high number of break-ins and a large increase in police on the streets. The district is also home to one of the fashion centres of the world. Designers and models travel from far and wide to submerge themselves into the fashion culture of Cerenes - which is always changing.

Most of the population of this district lies in its major city, which shares the district’s name. It is a highly urban centre, but with very few industrial facilities. Instead, the city is filled with the strangest of buildings made by “artistic” architects and designers. The housing here is almost solely based in rental apartments and other forms of temporary housing. An arena makes its home at the centre of the district, a place where world sports were played once upon a time. Now, it has become one of the largest convention centres in the world, and hosts the largest fashion show every year. The arena also hosts the first working elevator - a favourite of touring engineers.

District III: Arett

Home to the only - legal - airship port in Artavia, Aresta is the most trafficked district in Artavia, which makes it a good home for some of the seedier operators. Anyone who wishes to enter Artavia without teleportation - and with the proper papers - must come through this part of the country, and be processed by an extremely thorough sect of border officials.

The main city of this district does not share the name of the district - that honour rests with the border town - and is instead known as Restia. It is a heavily walled city and is home to many of the military workings of the country. It is protected not only by these walls, but also by magic, technology, and highly trained personnel. Restia is also home the the secondary training facility - a place that persons who have succeeded in basic training are sent to for a more intensive course. The city is said to be the most dangerous place to attempt to invade or steal from - and so many thieves have attempted to do so for honour and glory. Only one has succeeded - according to legend, anyways. The item they stole appears to remain in the city, however… Though some claim it to be an illusion, hologram, or plainly faked.

District IV: Himalius

Himalius lies a large distance away from the former three districts. So far away, in fact, that teleportation is the favoured method of going from District IV to any of the others. Most, however, cannot afford such expenses, and instead send their children with wagons along the dangerous roads towards Arrett.

As far as cities go, Himalius has very little in the way of them. In fact, some would say there are no cities in Himalius at all. Instead, the district is made of intersecting farmlands, used for both plant and animal agriculture. The land is a hot commodity - being incredibly rich in the magics and radiation present in Artavia - and farmers often have books of property law in their homes. Strange though it is, the flora and fauna of Artavia is a popular commodity in the markets of other countries, so life on the farms - while hard - can be incredibly profitable for the country.

At the centre of the sprawling farmlands is a massive homestead, surrounded by a thick wall of iron, set with several smaller homes within its boundaries. Some consider this land to be a city - but it acts little like one. Instead, the homestead is the living place for Himalius’ Advocate, with the smaller homes being their “workers” - or slaves. Other land owners have their homes on their farmland, keeping them small to maximize space. All the residents of the district will travel to this homestead, however, for political events and festivals.

District V: Mneme

The district of Mneme is an integral part of Artavia - though it feels completely isolated. Mneme is home to almost all of Artavia’s mines, and many of its refineries and other industrial locations, thanks to Artavia’s reputation for ingenuity, industry, and engineering, this district exists to power all others. It’s people are treated with incredibly high regard - particularly because many of them are mere commoners. They work until they can’t work anymore, and then they are supported by the country itself, which recognizes the importance of what the people here do.

Thanks to the system of recognition in place, many impoverished people from around the world dream of working in a place like Mneme - which makes it a place that easily finds its workers, even if the work is painfully difficult. However, due to the system, it is also subject to corruption. Those undeserving, but with a little more cash in the bank getting higher placement. Those with cunning to do so injuring their fellow workers for promotions. The system itself taking deep advantage of those that work for pennies for the promise of future wealth.

Still, compared to many other industrial landmarks of Fortuna - the industries of Dirys or Liesdro, for example - Artavia’s fifth district treats its working class like Kings, and the people have come to appreciate it, despite all of its dangers.


Abandoned Hospital

Within the land commonly known as the "Mutant Fields" in Artavia is an old city lying abandoned by the Minister - and inhabited by something crueler. The mutated beasts that roam the streets are terrifying, but not as much so as the beast that has claimed an old hospital for his home. This beast is Thomas Dunn, and he has done his best to fix up the old hospital to make it usable for his purposes. The operating theater is sterilized and prepared, the morgue is once again icy cold, and the head office is once again inhabited.

The Charred Manor

An old manor standing in a now non-residential area in Cerenes, which despite its grand appearance gives off an ominous feeling. This is the old home of the Laeretti scientists, Roark and Alexandria, which was famously attacked and burned to cinders years ago, wiping the family off the map in what was regarded as a national tragedy. Due to the contributions the Laerettis made to Artavia, the government honored the site by preserving it - new walls and windows were erected, and it was externally made to look as it had before, with a commemorative sign identifying its significance. But the foundations, the beams, and the interior are as unchanged as the day the tragedy struck; blackened and burnt and only still standing thanks to Artavian innovation. Ash still floats through the air inside as a byproduct of the magical flames that destroyed the place. The well-to-do youth of the district, as well as some common urban kids who make their way over, treat it as a challenge of courage to enter into the abandoned, ash-laden place, and see how long they can stay. This is not, strictly speaking, legal, and tends to get kids in trouble when they are caught. There are also some rumors that an old, abandoned laboratory is hidden somewhere inside the manner, but none have ever found it, and some say it would be impossible for it to be there if the whole place had been burned up.

Gravity Tunnels

Deep under Tarvos, through the sewers, one can find an impressive underground community centered around a set of tunnels that seem to be deeply affected by the magics of the lands above it. This community isn't a crime syndicate like one might assume, it's a group of space surfers, who use the tunnels as a training ground and pro-surfing centre. You'll find merchants of all kinds, artists testing their mettle against the walls, and of course - surfers utilizing the mid-gravity provided by the tunnels.

The tunnels also lead out to the wilds of Artavia, to a gravity-light portion where space surfing is popular - though incredibly dangerous. Many have lost their lives doing stunts out here.

Last Eve Forest

The Last Eve forest is a beautiful piece of nature decorated in a deep wild of trees and bushes that are all coated with stardust. The stardust makes it appear as though one if walking through space with stars twinkling all around them, though they only glow and sparkle when the light of the moons catch them.

Many say that this forest is where Khades and Temos said their goodbyes to each other when Sriae refused to allow them to be together, and so it is seen as the final vestiges of their forbidden love. This makes the place incredibly romantic, and couples can be seen and heard in the area on nights of the full moons.

Mutant Fields

The very first settlement in Artavia - according to old tales and sequestered history books - was out in the wilds of far west Artavia. Today, the area is considered off limits, and is surrounded by an impressively large and barbed fence. Many say that it's just because of dangerous creatures off the beaten path, while others say that the government is hiding something over the fence. A land where they had attempted to settle, where they used science beyond their real capabilities, and where they abandoned people, plants, and beasts when things went south due to high levels of radiation. No one in power has yet to do anything but deny these allegations... And most are too concerned about potential radiation to look for themselves. Those who have gone have said that another, larger fence sits down the field. And beyond that -- mutants. No confirmation has been made, of course. But those who have spoken about it haven't been heard from again...

The Tablet HQ

The Tablet is the world news source in Fortuna, whose headquarters is located in District III. It's building is where the printing press was first unveiled, and the first of its kind sits under a glass case in the lobby for public viewing. The building itself is made of pure steel, though neon lights label it's locale in varying colours. While The Tablet is well known for being a reliable source of news, it's most popular page is the gossip column - which is perhaps a bit more libellous.