Arzuul Laritet


Sadistic. This character really, truly enjoys inflicting pain on others. They may keep this part of themselves a secret, but if one looks closely, they might be able to spot the horrid smile that graces this character's face when someone is ailin.

Obsessed. This character has something that they are completely obsessed with, and will stop at nothing to work out that obsession.


Having supported Elias from his most humble of beginnings, Arzuul was - and is - a prize to Harel. The man is incredibly strong, able, and has a deep-seated hatred of not only beastfolk, but of the Malscuri people who once ruled in Muerte. He has a savage taste for inflicting pain, and takes great pleasure in “interrogations” - even moreso than he enjoys the public executions. To Arzuul, the executions are over far too quickly. In an interrogation, however, your goal is to inflict as much pain while keeping your prisoner alive - which is something he has become incredibly adept at.

Beyond his sadism, Arzuul has a grand love of mysteries. He takes more pleasure in looking for Eurydians than even catching them, finding the thrill of the hunt infectious. This is likely why he accepts outside bounties as often as he does - famously taking on the bounty for The Defiled Grail crewmembers from the SSPB. If a mystery seems impossible, it’s all the better to Arzuul.


Full Name. Arzuul K. M. Laritet

Race. Undisclosed

Sex. Male

Age. Thirty-Three

Occupation. Captain of the Black Cloaks


Law Enforcement. This character is member of some law enforcement organization, and wields the power of that position over any in their jurisdiction.

Determined. This character is not the kind to give up. No matter what roadblocks are in their way, they will continue to push until they find success.


This character has no inactive or completed storylines - yet.