The Ajatar are a race of people who both loathe, and deal in secrets. Their societies are of the most honest in the lands, but when they leave home for more diverse opportunities, they find their abilities suit them to exchanging secrets for success and money.

The Ajatar are said to have been birthed directly from the Deity of Night herself, Khades. They are her children, and thus the darkness of night is in their blood. All Ajatar have the ability to disappear into shadows - at least to the untrained eye - and it is this fact that has defined them for their entire existence. Being able to hide to completely, they have been lauded as the best spies in all the lands.

Being natural-born shapeshifters has it’s ups and downs. On one end, it allows for one to be exactly who they believe themselves to be; and they can better hide, or better be seen. On the other, it begs the question of who exactly are you. Even an Ajatars parents are unlikely to look as genetics intended, due to how often they themselves have shapeshifted in their lives.

Throughout puberty, an Ajatar’s ability to change shapes becomes most apparent. Most cannot control it at first, and find themselves tumbling through numerous skin and hair colours, heights and weights, sexes. Once they’ve found control of themselves, they then find their ideas influenced by society, and what they feel they should be - leaving one without much clue of who they really are. Many Ajatar become restless due to these things, looking for ways to define themselves and make sure that not only they, but the world, know just who they are.

In the time that the Ajatar people have expanded themselves into diverse communities, they have been defined as a group that the honest love, and liars hate. They have unveiled criminals, adulterers, and the politically corrupt throughout the lands, being the cause of much worldly change and demanding a higher standard from our world’s leaders. Of course, many think that some things are better not asked, and certainly better not told, and dislike the strict requirement of truth the Ajatar seek.

The Ajatar people are in high demand as spies and officers of peace throughout the lands in which they are respected. In countries such as Muerte however, dirty with revolution, corruption, and one dictatorship after another, they are seen less as paragons of integrity, and more as painful reminders of what cannot be fixed. Since the advent of mass news media in Fortuna, the Ajatar have been compelled by it, and most notable names in the business happen to belong to their kind.

Common Traits

The following traits can be found in several ajatar, though each ajatar is unique, and may have any assortment of these traits.

Darksight. Being well-met with the darkness, ajatar are typically capable of seeing in the dark.

Light Sensitivity. When you are born with an innate connection to shadows, it isn't surprising when you find light to be almost painful. Ajatar tend to be sensitive to the light, to varying extremes. Some ajatar find it difficult to see in bright light, while others find their skin burns quickly in the sun.

Shadow Walking. Many ajatar are capable of using the shadows as a form of teleportation, merging into them and reappearing at another place connected by the same shadow.

Shapeshifting. The ajatar can change their appearance at will - though during puberty this power takes a hold of an ajatar on its own. When an ajatar is able to control this ability, they will find it to be quite useful for hiding in plain sight.