Aissic, Land of the Sleeping Chill

Aissic is the northern-most country in Aebrynis, and even all of Fortuna. It stretches up, up, to the north pole, and much of its territory is completedly uninhabitable. The people who live in Aissic are hardened by living each day coping with deep snow, freezing breezes, and harsh ice storms. Still, while the living is tough, the riches are plenty and the Queen is - mostly - benevolent. Therefore, those who can stand the wiles of the weather are known to live fulfilled lives here.

Despite having numerous cities, all of Aissic is considered one territory, ruled over by a single King or Queen who gained their crown through religious processes. Still, a single King or Queen cannot maintain a whole country, and so each city has its own noble ruler, who oversees that city and any surrounding land. This has caused much turmoil over the years as the nobles embroil themselves in civil wars over property that are far too small a concern to worry the monarch.

When the monarch dies, their chosen advisor holds power over the country whilst every young man and woman in Aissic are gathered at Frost Palace, a key religious location for followers of Fiorre. It is said that the location of the castle is where she rested her head for her eternal sleep, and that her breath is what caused the snow and ice in the land to melt, and form a castle of ice. At the castle, a mystical ceremony takes place designed to determine who Fiorre would choose as her representative. That chosen one becomes the Monarch.

Most often, women are chosen, seen to be a more pure shape of Fiorre's feminine qualities. Occasionally however, a male is chosen - either due to their peaceful traits, or for reasons that many choose to see only as corrupt and political.

The current leader of Aissic is Marion Nickell. She was born a nobleman's daughter and heir to the hold of Itdaret. The ritual of choosing for her group of youths was the fastest on record, taking less than fifteen minutes for Fiorre to select her as the heir to the throne. Many claim that her father was corrupt and had personal relations with many templars involved in the choosing ceremony. Others, see her as the ideal candidate. Nickell was raised to be a devout follower of Fiorre and her pantheon, and has changed many laws in only the few ten years she has been monarch, wishing it to match her deity's scripture more exactly. Aiming for peace and passivity, almost completely dismantling the Aiss army, and giving power to peaceful protestors over the militia and other police forces silencing them. Many have argued her changes were not for the better - shockingly including her own father disavowing her - but no one can deny the kindness she treats her subject with, and how easy she is to speak with - like a friend you haven't seen in years.

And in fact, most don't see her at all. She resides in Frost Palace, through an impossible to traverse mountain range, and in a permanent gust of blizzard. It is said the winds only calm when she wishes it - though others think that the weather there is simply terrible.

A person from Aissic is Aiss.


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The hold of Asmin is controlled by Jarl Colette, and is a hold centered around the arts. The city of Asmin is alive with performers and artisans, and spends much of its available funds into sponsoring talented local artists. The hold also produces alcohol, tobacco, and quality perfumes using the unique fauna of the cold north, allowing it to easily make its payments to the throne. There seems to be festivals occuring in the hold every month, the Jarl wishing to show how well things are going for them in the most obvious ways. The plan also works to attract plenty of tourists, allowing them to fill their inns, taverns, and streets with paying customers.

Some of the notable villages in Asmin are Erem, Inait, and Sniald. Erem holds a number of famous distilleries, and make some of the highest quality liquors in all of Fortuna. Their wares are exported throughout the world, and are incredibly expensive. Their aged wines are even pricier, and allow for Erem to be a major draw for the hold of Asmin. Inait is less popular of a tourist spot, and instead is focused on a simple farming life. They grow and harvest tobacco as well as a variety of perfume-popular plants, which they then send to Sniald, where they are properly manufactured. The people of Inait prefer a quiet life and tend to rid themselves of drama or attention where they can. On the opposite end is Sniald, where they manufacture the tobacco and perfumes provided by Inait. Here, they love excitement, and offer large sleigh rides to Asmin for every festival held. In fact, there is a special festival that takes place in Sniald itself, at the lake on the outskirts of the village. Once a year, the ice on the lake melts - though not in a normal fashion. Instead, the ice melts by bursting into a shower of sparks that fly high into the sky in different shapes and colours. The melting lasts a week, and almost every citizen of Aissic has attended it once before they die.


The hold of Cerisek is overseen by Jarl Adalsteinn, who was once also the leader of Aiss military before being unceremoniously removed from his post when he resisted the changes Marion Nickell made to the forces. Where she had wished to turn it into an organization made solely to protect the Aiss people, he wished for it to maintain it's position and a world-leading military. The Queen, of course, won that war. Now, Cerisek acts as a hub for military training and housing for those who are currently serving their country - which is a group of citizens that has shrunk immensely. The hold struggles to make its payments to the Queen, and is at risk of being reclaimed by the throne and divided to more "productive" Jarls.

Some of the notable villages in this hold are Anyt, Daneq, and Erssam. Anyt is a small, thickly walled village against the public edge of the Frost Mountain range. Some suspect that this village is the base for Jarl Adalsteinn's anti-Nickell uprising, while others think it is some kind of religious cult. No one is sure what the village of Anyt offers the country. Daneq is the sole producer of the hold, being a farming village who plant potatoes, lettuce, chard, and garlic, which they then offer to the throne for trading in exchange for the cover of the hold's taxes. One of the oldest farming families is currently attempting to have the Queen recognize him as Jarl, noting that the city of Daneq supports all of the Cerisek hold. Finally, Erssam is a city of miners sitting at the base of a long empty mountain, having been over-mined under the rule of past Jarls. This has left the people of Erssam destitute, and the streets turning to crime.


The hold of Itdaret is run by Jarl Nickell, Queen Marion Nickell's father. While she would normally be it's heir, being the eldest child in their family, he has chosen to disavow her from their family, making her younger brother its heir.

Itdaret is the religious centre of Aissic, outside of Frost Palace, and has several temples dedicated to Fiorre and her pantheon throughout its expanse. It receives most of its funds through weekly and monthly tithes, but also sponsors some agriculture in its villages to maintain. Itdaret's largest claim to fame would be the number of monarchs chosen from the hold. Many don't find it surprising, due to the religious piety of it's many residents, but others claim corruption, as many of the ordained of the choosing ceremony are also from Itdaret. Nothing has been proven, as of yet.

The most notable villages in Itdaret are Brair, Loshy, and Vordra. Brair is the most famous, however, due to its well-known "Agri-Dome". The Agri-Dome is a device created through magic from Aissic, and science from Artavia, that keeps a large expanse temperature and weather controlled. This function has allowed Brair to foster an immense agricultural system that covers most of the costs of the hold. Loshy is on the outskirts of Itdaret, and is more famed for its furs. Most of the men living in Loshy are hunters, and are raised with a number of secret tactics for tracking and hunting bears and other dangerous fauna with beautiful, well-selling furs. Finally is Vordra, which was once the capital of Aissic, before the formation of Frost Palace. As Frost Palace began its formation, however, the ground beneath Vordra cracked, revealing deep caverns and canyons that prevented agriculture, forestry, and destroyed numerous temples not dedicated to Fiorre's pantheon. The message was taken quite clearly, and the city lost it's status as a capital. Now, it refuses the worship of gods outside of Fiorre's established pantheon and exists as a part of Itdaret's hold.


The hold of Kartuel is controlled by Jarl Kuwailioq, and is the richest of all holds in Aissic. It's territory is thickly rich with oil, allowing them to provide not only for their hold, but for the country. All other Jarls ensure that relations with Kiwailioq are maintained, as without them, they would lose the ability to heat their own holds. The Queen has paid special attention to Kartuel, having made several visits to prepare special deals with Kuwailioq. Some claim he has the Queen in his pocket.

Some of the notable villages in this hold are Ackhel, Aldcha, and Oliolq. Ackhel acts as the refinery for the oil gathered in the hold, using the force of the three converging rivers as its own source of power. Aldcha is more famous for it's ancient serial killers than anything else, maintain and build equipment for the hold. Finally, Oliolq offers the only school in the hold - but it serves to teach children how to work in the oil industry. Some who grow up in Kartuel make a point to escape and choose a different life for themselves, but most continue the jobs of their fathers and mothers.


The hold of Tanad is a recent addition to the list of holds in Aissic, and is controlled by Jarl Crimsontooth. It is a place run by criminals, for criminals, a veritable shangrila for the dregs of society. Crimsontooth founded the city decades ago, but only with the appointment of Maron Nickell, and the disolution of the Aiss military was he finally able to have it recognized. It wasn't easy, and required the kidnapping and murder of several well-known figures and nobles, but Nickell eventually saw it his way, and granted Tanad hold status. Since then, they have taken control of several villages and pillaged farmlands left under weak controls. Tanad is well guarded by tough barbarians and bodyguards, making it nearly impenetrable by national police forces. The rise of Tanad has given Jarl Adalsteinn reason to protest the disbanding of the military - but there are suspicions that he has helped Tanad rise to power for that very reason.

The notable villages of Tanad include Rheat, Untiti and Xaxaxas. Rheat was the first victim of Tanad. Once a bustling village overlooking a beautiful forest that they used for lumber, Tanad let loose Arctic beasts on Rheat. The beasts ravaged the village, making it weak, and an easy target to be absorbed by Tanad. With a forestry under their control, they had a legitimate source of funds. Untiti on the other hand was always a struggling village. It has often received help from the royal family to stay afloat, simply due to it's historical importance. Tanad noticed this, and began to interrupt shipments of supplies going to Untiti. Some say this proves Adalsteinn is involved with Tanad, while others note it as just another way that criminals take control of people and places. The criminals take the supplies, use what they need, and sell the remaining back to citizens too poor to move out of Untiti - usually at the price of criminal favours such as muling drugs or killing targets. Xaxaxas is the jewel of the hold, and is the newest village to be recognized by the hold. It's defining feature is the massive casino that attracts the poor and desperate - and often gets them into financial binds they'll never be able to solve without Tanad's criminal solutions.


The port hold of Tarifa is controlled by Jarl Krost - though that was a very recent change. In fact, up until a few years ago the land of owned by the Calmier family, and had been for hundreds of years. The abrupt change came from Marlon Calmier being arrested for murder of his three older brothers, and the domestic abuse of his wife. Calmier's wife inherited the position of Jarl, and married the Chief of Police Lancellor Krost, who helped saved her from Calmier. Their's is occasionally noted as a fairytale romance.

Tarifa is one of the most successful holds in all of Aissic, due to it being on its most Southern tip and owning almost every port. This makes Tarifa valuable not only to its Jarl, but to all Jarls of Aissic, and of course it's monarch. The Jarl of Tarifa has a good deal of sway with the other Jarls, who are looking for some kind of deal.

Though Tarifa is an immense port city and metropolis, it also has it's drawbacks in the form of a dangerous crime syndicate in its underground. Though national forces have attempted to clear the underground of the scum, they always come back, seeming to have made deals with some corrupt guards or other high ranking officials.

The most notable villages in Tarifa are Italdi, and Tinos. Italdi is the scholarly hub of Aissic, and home to its largest academy. Only the best and brightest in Aissic go here - and even then, most of those best and brightest would prefer the long travel to Liesdro to attend a higher caliber of school. Still, those who can break out of their lot in life and attend the school end up doing rather well for themselves, so Italdi is a dream for many youths. Tinos is likely the Aiss town with the most foot-traffic, as it's placement means that every ship has to pass by it, and many stop to rest up, restock, or party before continuing on their voyage deeper into Aissic, or away from it. While Tarifa is the main port city, Tinos is a sailor's city through and through. Tinos also acts as Aissic's largest fishery.


Frost Palace

Frost Palace is a key religious location for followers of Fiorre, and for all the people of Aissic.

The palace is made of pure, magical ice and is said to have been made by the breath of the Deity herself, sleeping just beneath the surface. Surrounding the palace is a thick range of mountains that is impassable except for a very small number of routes used by the royals. These routes are heavily guarded, and cut directly through the mountains.

The monarch lives within the palace walls, though is often expected to traverse all of Aissic to meet with their subjects.

Onna Valley

In the midst of an icy wasteland is a deep valley that looks hauntingly as though it was carved deliberately into the ice. Twisting icy walkways intersect down into the maw of Ice and eventually lead into frozen caverns. As one traverses these walkways, they may notice what looks almost disturbingly like the shapes of entire buildings bulging from the icy walls... The trek through this place is perilous and rife with dangerous creatures, but none so dangerous as the legendary Yuki-Onna, for which the valley gets its name, a terrifying Phantom Beast rumored to lurk these caverns. Still, the trek is said to be profitable for those brave enough to attempt it, as ancient treasures supposedly dwell within the maze-like expanse of these caves.

Tarifa Underground

The underground if this key city is a hub for criminal activity world-wide. Being beneath a port city, many pirates make this underworld their home for resupplying their ships, trading their treasures, and getting illegal weapons or narcotics.

It isn't known by authorities, but the Calmier and Krost families have warred over control of this criminal underground for years, fighting over the drug and weapons customers.

Treasure Lake

A famous location from pirate mythology, many adventurers love to visit Clesin Lake. The lake itself is completely frozen solid, and no amount of magic or physical force has been able to break through it. The stories say that an old pirate crew used the lake - before it was frozen - to store their treasures. Many believe that if you could somehow break through the ice, you could find immense treasures only dreamed of by most.