Acacius Balfour


Full Name. Acacius Balfour

Race. Aasimar

Sex. Male

Age. Forty

Occupation. Warlord of Fiamont


Absentee Parent. This character has a child, or children, that they have disowned - either completely, or enough to make the child know that something is missing.

Desensitized. This character has become desensitized to things, perhaps it is pain inflicted upon them or others; or the visage of death. Whatever it may be, they do not feel their stomach turn or their guilt pry - they are long over that.


Acacius was born to the famous Balfour family, a clan of nobles well renowned for their skill in battle. In fact, almost every generation of children from the Balfour line have risen to the rank of Warlord in the Fianese army, so it was no surprise that Acacius was able to take up the mantle in his middle age.

From his early childhood Acacius was passionate about the art of war - something expected of all Balfour children - but even his family had to admit that he showed an incredible natural talent for the art. He would win at chess before he could form complete sentences, he trained his pets to perform impressive tricks, he crafted his first sword at age six -- he had the Balfour name running through his blood.

As soon as he believed himself capable - at twelve years old - he joined the army. He wasn’t legally permitted at such a young age, but exceptions were often made for the Balfours. He jumped through the ranks over the next six years until meeting the older woman who would become his wife - she was an engineer in the army, developing siege engines. She was brilliant, but not quite beautiful, and certainly not rich - a shocking choice for a Balfour, but Acacius was in love. They were quick to marry, and the two took time away from the army - another exception granted to Balfours - in an attempt to conceive a child. It took much time, but the difference between their races with he being an Aasimar, and she a Drow made it difficult. Finally they were able to conceive a single child, and celebrated happily during the entire period of maternity.

When she died giving birth to their son, however, Acacius was distraught. He couldn’t look at the face of his wife’s murderer, and so instead returned to the army, leaving his son to be cared for by his sister. He devoted himself to his work in the forces, and rose to high-ranking positions before finally being named his own grandfather’s second. When his grandfather was struck down by an Artavian firearm, Acacius took the mantle of warlord, and is proving to be an excellent leader… Though his son is now of age, and has a bone to pick with dear old dad.


Determined. This character is not the kind to give up. No matter what roadblocks are in their way, they will continue to push until they find success.

Natural Talent. This character has an impressive natural talent that puts them above and beyond their peers.