The frailty of human flesh imbued with the celestial blood of gods and their angelic hosts, this is what defines an Aasimar. Shining exemplars of the possibilities, strength and wisdom of the power of good, they can also be cautionary tales about the dangers of hubris and temptation.

The aasimar first appeared in Fortuna when one of Paiia's avatars, an elven warrior by the name of Laugustian Balfour, had a son. This son was different from Laugustion and his wife - this son was an aasimar. Since that time, aasimar have been born to other chosen patrons of deities, and from those children, the aasimar blood flows strongly, creating long lines of pride - aasimar blood overtakes all other genetics. For example, the Balfour line lives on, and are now well-known for being pure-blooded aasimar of Paiia.

Though the blood of the aasimar flows from the heavens, only a fool would mistake the entire race to be pure-hearted. Many aasimar move through the world at the behest of their divine ancestor. These champions secure favor by enforcing the god’s will on the mortal world, and in so doing expand their personal power.

Others descend from dead gods who spawned their lineage before falling in ancient wars. These celestial orphans often turn to a life of adventure to make their way in the world, in hopes of one day attracting the attention of a patron. Without the protection of a living deity, or perhaps an angelic figure, an aasimar drifts through life without purpose. The ultimate dream of these embattled souls is to wrest the power stolen from their line. Sometimes a celestial scion employs darker means to secure his future. The desperate aasimar hunts down followers of other gods, offering them one chance to convert to the “true” faith, or die for their heresy.

Most aasimar appear to be beautiful humans with some traits from their angelic patrons passed along to them. For example, most aasimar are born of Ayniea's pantheon, and so have six feathered wings that mark them as followers of her Greatness. Other deities and gods may pass along different traits.

Common Traits

The following traits can be found in several aasimar, though each aasimar is unique, and may have any assortment of these traits.

Celestial Radiance. An aasimar has an otherworldly beauty, or light to them that contributes greatly to how others see them. Not only that, but it influences their power -- these aasimar seemingly strike with the power of righteousness.

Celestial Magic. Some aasimar are born with innate magical talent. Most commonly, magical aasimar are born with a talent in either the Abjuration or Evocation schools of magic.

Celestial Trademark. All Aasimar are born with the blood of a deity, who has passed their line down through the generations of a chosen avatar. These might be...
- The six feathered wings of Ayniea's aasimar
- The shimmering skin and waterbreathing of Moaan's aasimar
- The hot flesh and resistance to pain of Paiia's aasimar.
- The seemingly plain appearance and aura of trustworthiness of Sriae's aasimar.
- The ability to sense ill intent, and strange eyes gifted for a special purpose mark Streike's aasimar.
- The ability to access The Dance and utilize it to shapeshift into a totem animal mark Wyghal's aasimar, all of whom are members of the village Kaikoa.